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Together for
a Better World

The impact of a creative profession is evident in everyday life, creating new experiences, expanding vision, and building better tomorrows for everyone. In today’s era where experience is more significant than possession, design enhances everyday life by creating deep emotions and experiences that technology cannot provide.

By defining design as something that transcends a single role, Samsung Electronics designers aim to impress users by establishing a holistic experience that combines technology and design services. By observing people beyond technology and functionality, the designers delicately design emotions and experiences that are transmitted to everyone. Additionally, they present new possibilities by dismantling yesterday’s frame to challenge themselves as conscious pioneers. Let us create a new tomorrow together as a designer of Samsung Electronics.



We are creators and professionals who share four values
that serve as foundations to our work and culture.
These values are an integral part of our work and culture.

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It is an image that symbolizes 'Expert' in terms of talent.
It's an image that symbolizes 'Business Creator' in terms of talent.
It is an image that symbolizes 'Team Player' as a talent.


It's an image that symbolizes the humanist image.
We consider the essence of the problem in the human perspective.

An original idea alone cannot influence a consumer. We must discover the essence of the problem and experience through consideration of the people. Samsung Electronics designers primarily focus on the people, suggest genuine solutions, and strive to build trust with them.


It is an image that symbolizes 'Expert' in terms of talent.
We aim for the best with genuine passion.

To provide creative and valuable solutions to users, continuous learning and effort are required. Compelling discoveries can be made when researching with pure passion. Samsung Electronics designers strive to learn and challenge themselves to create sophisticated designs.


It's an image that symbolizes 'Business Creator' in terms of talent.
We contribute to business by discovering new values derived from design-minded thinking.

A good design shines when associated with a successful business. To achieve this, designers not only need design skills but also keen business insights. Samsung Electronics designers connect various ideas through strategic thinking from the manager’s point of view, leading to great results.


It is an image that symbolizes 'Team Player' as a talent.
We communicate and collaborate with a flexible and open mind.

An individual’s knowledge and capabilities are limited when establishing a new business. Various professions and collaborations such as designers, engineers, and marketers, are required. Samsung Electronics designers build networks and synergies through flexibility, having respect and consideration of other fields, and communicating with versatility.


Samsung Electronics is constantly on the search for designers
who can join us in the meaningful process of transforming our everyday lives for the better.

* For those interested in Samsung Electronics’ designer positions, please send us your resume to the email address above.
* When sending your resume, please download the attached Personal Information Collection and Use Agreement, fill it out, and send it together. (Checking the agreement check box, your name, date of birth, and signature are required in each consent column.)
* We will contact you individually if we have an open position that matches your interests and experience. If there are no open positions within two weeks of your sending us the resume, we will delete your email, resume, and any other information. We will not store or save any information we receive from you. (If the Personal Information Collection and Use Agreement form is not attached, your email will be deleted.)
* We will accept resumes from all designers with four years or more experience in related fields. However, for entry level positions, please refer to the Samsung Electronics career website ( for more information on the open recruitment held each year in March and September.
* Please note, we will not receive or review any ideas and proposals sent to us directly. This is to prevent any potential misunderstanding or conflict in case Samsung Electronics products, technologies, or services happen to be similar to your ideas, as well as to protect your own creative work and ideas. We hope you understand our concerns and refrain from sending any ideas including conceptual proposals to Samsung Electronics.
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