Exploring the Odyssey

Samsung Gaming PC Odyssey Design Story


This is the video that red round wavelength getting smaller.

In the repetitive cycles of everyday life, we seem to be pacing around the same places
and experiencing the same occurrences. Our once reckless thirst for the unknown and the heart
pounding excitement we used to feel towards novelty may have dwindled over the years.
However, our instinctual desire for a new world is still preserved in the deep corners of our hearts.
This visceral hunger for an unexplored world somewhat resembles the attitude we have
towards gaming. Now with the Samsung Gaming PC Odyssey, you can embark on an epic and
lifelike journey to a world of breathtaking adventure.

This is an image of universe.

The Odyssey, the Beginning of a New Journey

The Samsung Gaming PC Odyssey opens a pathway to experiencing a world that was
previously only accessed through imagination. With hearts filled with awe and anticipation,
gamers set out on a voyage and makes sail for the world of gaming, which is riddled
with unpredictable variables and countless possibilities to experiment with. In this journey,
we encounter the face of a Greek hero who appears in Homer’s “The Odyssey”,
dating back to 700 BC. The Odyssey is a doorway to an adventure of the unknown world
and has been created to accompany you in all your travels.

This is an image of hexagon-shaped storm raging in the northern hemisphere of Saturn

A Symbol Design
with a Powerful Message

The Odyssey’s Hexagon symbol is reminiscent of a hexagonal
eye of a dragon, leaving a powerful first impression on users.
Like the massive hexagon-shaped storm raging in the northern
hemisphere of Saturn, the Odyssey boasts a powerful performance
and an impressive design which embody Samsung Electronics’
determination to create a sensation in the gaming PC market.

A Symbol Design with a Powerful Message

The Hexagon symbol is not only the key visual identity of
the Odyssey, but also the design motif of products in the Odyssey
line, including the desktop appearance, the HexaFlow vent, and
Notebook keypads. With a unified design, the entire composition
harmonizes with one another to visually express the Odyssey’s
spirit of adventure and challenge.

This is an image of Odyssey’s Hexagon logo.

This is an image of Desktop Odyssey.

This is an image of Odyssey Z.

A Moment with Odyssey, Our Adventure Begins

For deeper immersion, concentration, and victory, a gamer absolutely
needs a gaming PC that can accompany their journey from beginning to end.
The Samsung Gaming PC Odyssey is the perfect gaming partner that
can bring victory to your games through its outstanding performance and
unique design. The Odyssey will continue its journey of evolution to always
accompany the gamer on their exciting voyages to the dynamic and
unexplored world of the unknown.