August 21, 2017

IDEA Design Awards 2017

In the International Design Excellence Awards 2017, a world-renowned international design competition hosted by the IDSA (Industrial Designers Society of America), Samsung Electronics was awarded with 2 Gold Awards, 3 Silver Awards, and 2 Bronze Awards for a total of 7 major awards.

First commissioned in 1980, the ‘IDEA Design Awards’ is the most influential design competition in North America, and its criteria place heavy emphasis on design innovation.

The products ‘Q9’ and ‘Flexwash™ + Flexdry™‘ were chosen as the Gold Winners for this year. The ‘Q9’ is a QLED TV that offers a wide selection of stands that can be tailored to the lifestyles of its users, while providing streamlined user space through its 360-degree design and transparent optical cables. ‘Flexwash™ + Flexdry™‘ is an all-in-one premium washer and dryer that has a compact washer in the top portion and a drum washer in the connecting bottom portion to remedy inconvenient user experience with washing separate loads and drying laundry. This innovative solution that arose from ergonomic design was given the honor of a Gold Award.

The 3Silver Winners are the ‘Gear IconX’, a wireless earphone that allows unhindered user activity through a design based on extensive human ergonomics research that keeps the earphones secure in the ear; the ‘Chromebook Plus Pro’, which provides ideal user environments of both laptop and tablet with its 360-degree rotating touchscreen and lightweight body; and lastly, the ‘Q9500 ’, a breeze-free air conditioner that completely resolves users’ discomfort for direct air flow through micro holes on the front and a 3˚ Parabola design.

In addition, the 2 Bronze Winners are the ‘CHG90’, a QLED gaming monitor that provides unparalleled immersion through a never-before-seen 32:9 ratio and 49-inch screen, and the ‘Public Safety PTT Solution’, a wideband disaster response network solution designed to protect civilians and minimize damage for nations during critical disasters.

Dontae Lee, the Vice Center Leader of the Corporate Design Center at Samsung Electronics said, “We’ll hold fast to Samsung’s design philosophy along with one-of-a-kind designs, and continue striving for innovation and provide meaningful transformations in the daily lives of our customers.”