Weekend at Your Place, Q9500 : A Breeze with Thoughtfulness

The sweltering heat of summer.
A difficult season for everyone.

Especially for those reluctant to use air conditioners
for the cold air directly on their skin.

So we got to thinking.
How could we lower the temperature without being obtrusive?
Simple… with a breeze.

A thoughtful breeze from the Samsung Q9500,
cooling your home in comfort.

Let’s peer into a typical weekend of a young couple
to see how it’s accomplished.

* The below scenario is compiled from gathered research
 for the product. It is not an actual experience.

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Cleaning begins early on weekends.
The air conditioner is turned on to refresh the air in the home.
As weekends are the only days off for us, decorating the house
to make it a home has become a ritual of sharing and partnership.

Brilliant UX
Intuitive UX design makes the device accessible
for everyone, and an optimized display/button
layout allows for easy control.
  • Q9500
  • Q9500
Miracle Circle Design
With a metallic finish and minimal aesthetic,
Samsung’s air conditioner naturally blends
in to any interior space.
  • Q9500
  • Q9500

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Returning from a lazy unhurried lunch.
A wall of heat hits us as we step out of the car.
But only for awhile. Soon, the oppressive afternoon heat is forgotten.

Ultimate IoT
Climate control settings are adjusted using IoT technology,
based on collected weather and related data. Paired with
your smartphone (though a dedicated application) you
never have to come home to a sweltering hot home.
  • Q9500
  • Q9500
3˚ Parabola Design
Air currents designed to flow in a 3 degree arc sends cool air and
covers a wider area and for a longer time period than a direct linear
line, cooling even the furthest corners of a large space.
  • Q9500
  • Q9500

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The heat and humidity continues into the night.
Before bed, we close the windows, and tidy up the house.
A good night’s sleep is the best way to start a new week.

Emotional UX
By making the controls easier to navigate by eliminating
indecipherable codes and commands, users can enjoy
a more personalized control interface.
  • Q9500
  • Q9500
  • Q9500
Space Cooler
The power save mode cools the room without sending
out a direct air current. With authentic metal materials
and 135,000 tiny perforations, cool air is spread throughout
the space without having to actually feel the air currents.
This is an innovation we made to provide a cooling
alternative for those who dislike the direct air currents
of a conventional air conditioner.
  • Q9500
  • Q9500

Just because the seasons change doesn’t mean
your everyday life has to also.

However, as the climate changes,
it is essential we adapt.

Samsung air conditioners will continue to learn, and adjust.
From nature, from us and from thoughtful consideration.

Our innovation then, for our air conditioners is
‘a pleasant breeze, always’.

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