UD970 Monitor Design Story

Digital Craft : We see colors through your eyes

'Craftsmen' are those who continuously challenge the boundaries of their art. Released as a B2B product, the UD970 monitor targets such experts who are more sensitive to various features of monitors compared to laymen, so UD970 had to prove that it could perform more detailed and sensitive results over others. The design team of Samsung Electronics' VD Department decided to come up with an unconventional story rather than just another promotion, and challenged the digital color schemes expressed on the UD970 with the help of two digital experts who use professional monitors in their everyday work. Through the collaboration between visual artist Damien Borowik and photographer Jono Lee, we were able to watch two 'craftsmen' pushing their boundaries to create their digital craft.

Damien Borowik understands the power of 'color' in his work as a visual artist, communicator and graphic designer. Applying color to patterns and textures is adding emotions, and color is the key to providing an intensive experience, which is why the artist says, "Color is essential part of my work, as defines the way we see."

For graphic artists like Borowik, it is important that the final digital output is as close to the real deal as possible. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get exactly the same visual results due to the limitations of digital devices such as monitors. Samsung's UD970 monitor played a key part in the collaboration, as it reproduced the same colors that were seen through the artist's eyes. Simply put, the experts were able to portray the exact color of their choice, vividly on the monitor.

Photographer Jono Lee says "Photography is an act of capturing emotions, and color is the language that portrays the feelings and thoughts captured in the photo." Lee and many other artists will continue to experiment with taking photos in order to perfectly capture the artistic message that he wishes to share.

In the world of experts, a small difference can make a huge difference. This is why professionals such as Lee prefer to use a monitor that offers extreme precision. The FULL HD UD970 is equipped with a 4k screen that maintains clear and accurate resolution quality.

Borowik generated a computer program that automatically wove colored particles to create a graphic pattern-like kaleidoscope, using the UD970 to monitor his results. Thanks to RGB calibration technology, he noticed that the color range of blue and green was much more vivid in UD970 compare to other monitors. To test digital art, the graphic was made into a video clip, and printed on fabric.

Lee tried to capture every moment as the patterns fluttered through the air, flowing on the fabric as waves creating dynamic expressions of colors. The feelings evoked by the patterns and reproduced on the UD970 became a piece of artwork in itself.

The two artists said that they "found new discoveries and inspirations" through the monitor. The visual experience delivered by the UD970 was more than enough to discover new possibilities of digital art, and evoke a newfound passion to challenge themselves.

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