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  • The Seoul Design Office, located in
    the Seoul R&D Campus, serves as the starting line
    for Samsung Electronics Design
    and the drawing board for all blueprints.
    The office devises mid-to-long term design strategies and carries out various design projects to support Samsung Electronics in creating value for users through design and proposing a vision for the future.
    A designer sketches a product on a table.
  • Seoul Design Office Illustrates an Innovative Future
    for Samsung Electronics Design.
    The Seoul Design Office plays a central role that guides the company-wide direction of Samsung Electronics Design. Furthermore, the office establishes a unique design identity for Samsung Electronics and formulates a systematic and strategic outlook for the future. Also, through the conception of innovative design based on breakthrough technology, the Seoul Design Office seeks to provide a brand new and meaningful lifestyle to our users.
    An outside view of Samsung’s Seoul R&D Campus.
  • Leading Samsung Electronics Design through
    a Mechanism of Connection and Communication
    The greatest minds in the fields of strategy, product, UX, graphic, and engineering design come together and create ingenious synergy at the Seoul Design Office. While carrying out various projects, designers of each business division constantly communicate with one another to successfully achieve design innovation. Also, by establishing a convenient UX that is unique to Samsung Electronics, the office makes the utmost effort for users to experience a seamless connection between Samsung products.
    Four designers are smiling at a table during a meeting.
A mobile phone model is being separated from a 3D printer.


  • 1 9 7 1
    Samsung Design Function
    The First Evolutionary Step
    to Product Diversification
    (Affiliated with the Sales Division)
  • 1991
    Samsung Design Japan
    Founded (Japan)
  • 1 9 9 3
    Declaration of New Management
    Expansion of the Design Team with
    the Transition from Quantity-centric
    to Quality-centric
  • 1994
    Samsung Design America
    Founded (USA)
  • 1 9 9 6
    Declaration of the Year of
    Design Revolution
    Emphasis on the Importance of Design,
    Focusing Efforts to Develop Samsung’s
    Unique DI
  • 2000
    Samsung Design Europe
    Founded (UK)
  • 2001
    Corporate Design Center
    (Direct Report to CEO) Established
  • 2004
    Samsung Design China
    Founded (China)
  • 2 0 0 5
    Milan Design Strategy
    Re-Emphasis on the Importance of Design,
    Establishing a Global Design System
  • 2008
    Samsung Design Delhi
    Founded (India)
  • 2 0 1 5
    Relocation to the Seoul R&D Campus
    Independent Design Office Established
  • 2016
    Samsung Design Latin America
    Founded (Brazil)


    The Corporate Design Center, a representative design organization that systematically executes company-wide design management, secures product originality and pursues user-centric advanced development. The center also fosters design talents with capabilities in convergence through design innovation that has its roots in global culture.

    Experts in product, UX, graphic, and engineering design has formed a team to carry out a comprehensive design process that ranges from product concept exploration to design prototype development and verification. In addition, Global Design Offices have been established within the Corporate Design Center to develop avant-garde design through the global exploration and excavation of region-specific design and insight.

    • A designer writes on a whiteboard with sticky notes and materials attached to it.
      Design Strategy ∙ Planning
      We aspire to develop an innovative design that is unique to Samsung Electronics in an everchanging era, by way of establishing a mid-to-long term design strategy based on Samsung Electronics’ design philosophy.
    • Several different design materials are placed on a table.
      Cultivating Advanced Design
      We search for progressive design that will set us apart from existing businesses. We explore mid-to-long term business opportunities that can lead and change the market through discovering breakthrough technology beyond the electronic industry and converging industries. Also, we strive to seek out and design ideas that can change the lifestyles of our users.
    • Many books and materials are scattered on a table during a meeting.
      Enhancing Company-wide
      Cross Synergy
      We developed design elements that are unified throughout company products, such as Icons and Fonts, to provide a single design experience for Samsung Electronics users. We also launched various UX projects to offer seamless user experience that is achieved from natural and organic connections between Samsung Electronics products. With research and exploration of innovative UX elements, we strive to elevate Samsung Electronics’ brand image through design.


    We guide users to a new lifestyle that is inspired by leading-edge design. The Business Divisions, consisting of Visual Display, Digital Appliances, Health & Medical Equipment, Mobile Communications, and Networks, strives for unique user experiences and design values.

    • Two designers have a meeting and sketch televisions on a wall.
      Visual Display Design
      We present users with a design that provides one-of-a-kind experiences and values. Our state-of-the-art designs for TVs, monitors, various screens and AV systems radically transform the lifestyles of our users. Our team consists of Design strategists, as well as Advanced, Product, Graphic, and UX designers.
    • Designers are feeling different materials.
      Digital Appliances Design
      ‘Designed by Thoughtfulness’ is our digital appliance design philosophy that embodies the solicitude we have towards our users. Our designers tirelessly draw inspiration from this philosophy to design all digital appliance products (refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, cooking appliances, vacuum cleaners) and services to create meaningful and delightful experiences for all.
    • Medical devices and products are displayed on a table while a designer puts notes on a glass wall in the background.
      Health & Medical Equipment Design
      By implementing Samsung Electronics’ high-end IT technology to medical equipment, we develop cutting-edge health and medical equipment products that provide breakthrough in medical environments. Our designers, who are first and foremost user-centered, make the utmost effort to help define Samsung’s medical equipment as a brand that brings comfort to patients and convenience to the medical staff.
    • A designer looks at a sketch of a cellphone and renders the image on a computer monitor.
      Mobile Communications Design
      It’s all about the user when it comes to our design priorities. We project brand-new lifestyles to our users by providing innovative designs for devices our users need most smartphones, tablets, wearables, and PCs. Our Product, CMF, Graphic, UI, and GUI designers persevere day and night in collaboration with strategists to achieve a pioneering design that sets the global standard.
    • Two designers have a meeting to discuss products and materials.
      Networks Design
      Product, Graphic, and UX designers are behind the designs of our mobile communication systems and business communication solutions. We provide value to our users in the B2B market not only in terms of management efficiently, but also in convenient usability. We work ceaselessly to be up to speed with the changes in today’s mobile communication technology and develop designs that can offer exceptional, user-centered services.

    A map shows the location of Seoul Design Office.