• Japan is a place where technology and aesthetics
    meticulously blend to perfection.
    In Tokyo, a trend-setting city equipped with high-end technology and delicate infrastructure, Samsung Design Japan (SDJ) contributes to raising global competitiveness through novel and innovative research activities.
    An image of Tokyo’s busy Shibuya intersection
  • SDJ offers design solutions for hit products
    in Japan, where diverse cultures are
    both embraced and enhanced to excellence
    with their own significance.
    One of the unique dynamics of Japan is their ability to accept and characteristically develop various cultures and information to create a perfect design solution for a hit product that appeals to everyone. It is an office of convergence where research, experimentation, and prototype development are all conducted in the processes of foreseeing future trends and reflecting real user needs.
    An image of SDJ staff having a meeting
  • SDJ maximizes global competitiveness
    based on CMF advanced technology,
    service, and infrastructure.
    We’re able to raise the bar for product quality and develop new colors and post-processing through a combination of highly advanced technology, design infrastructure, and craftsmanship focusing on the smallest of details. SDJ has become the design bedrock on which global competitiveness is maximized through the realization and proposal of prototypes with various possibilities using a newly developed and innovative CMF (Color/ Material/ Finishing).
    An image shows SDJ employees reading and resting


  • 1 9 9 1
    Established Samsung Design Japan (Located in Nakano, Tokyo)
  • 1 9 9 8
    Relocated to Yokohama
  • 2 0 1 5
    Relocated to Iidabashi District,


  • 2008
    Best of CES Innovation Awards Winner
  • 2010
    Good Design Awards Winner
  • 2012
    EISA Awards Best Product Winner
    Good Design Awards Winner
    iF Design Awards Winner

    China’s Most Successful Design
    Awards Winner

  • 2013
    iF Design Awards Gold Winner
  • 2014
    TIPA Awards Winner
    EISA Awards Best Product Winner
    Good Design Awards Winner
    iF Design Awards Winner
  • 2015
    IDEA Design Awards Finalist
SDJ is a design office centered on research and experimentation that also has the longest history as a global design office. Rooted in Japan’s advanced technology and design infrastructure, knowledgeable and experienced designers work passionately to improve design quality and value.
Our organization is small in size but intensely dedicated to our craft. Rather than working strictly individually, each person contributes their expertise of various fields in the design process, altogether pursuing higher product quality and innovative results. SDJ will continue to provide deeply abiding inspiration and resonance throughout the world with our design.

Norio Okada,
SDJ Head of Office


  • Product Strategy Team
    The Product Strategy Team formulates strategy by researching and analyzing the seeds of next generation products and services discovered from Japan’s social trends that have been through both high and low growths over the course of history. This strategy serves as the foundation for Samsung to identify new areas of opportunity.
  • Product Design Team
    The Product Design Team develops products for the purpose of creating new value through design. The team develops design mock-ups and evaluates marketability (mass production capability) to provide users with appealing products.
  • UX Team
    The UX team designs optimal user experiences for newly established product and service categories. Considering potential user needs and human factors, the team carries out GUI (Graphic User Interface) design, UI (User Interface) design, and UX prototypes to provide advanced user experiences.

An image shows an SDJ staff member reading a book


  • A product shot of SAMSUNG BOT™ HANDY
    SDJ cooperated with SAMSUNG RESEARCH to design the SAMSUNG BOT™ HANDY. Announced at CES 2021, the SAMSUNG BOT HANDY is a domestic household care robot capable of recognition, autonomous driving, and handling items. The robot reduces the burden of housework by serving as an agent for tasks that involve organizing, delivering, and arranging.
  • A product shot of NX1
    NX1 is a product designed to establish the design identity of high-end mirrorless cameras. Its elaborately designed details and solid magnesium body are part of a stylishly classic design that provides a sense of perfected technology.
  • A product shot of NX30
    The NX30 inherited and improved upon the premium classic and ergonomic design of the NX series. A rubberized Wrap Grip was applied to all areas where the hand touches the camera, enhancing both the visual and tactile sense of grip.
  • A product shot of WA-4000HH
    This top loading washing machine has been developed with the rough laundering styles of users in India and Southeast Asia in mind. The product is a collaborative effort between the Digital Home Appliances design team, SDJ, and Samsung Design Delhi(SDD) that reflect Samsung’s design identity.
  • A product shot of NEW A3 BIZ
    NEW A3 BIZ
    The purpose of the A3 printer is to increase intellectual productivity. Its UX design thus maximizes usability and intuitiveness by simplifying the steps a user would take to access the printer. Given the way printers are used by multiple users in offices, we expanded its functions to make group operations easier and more accessible.
  • A product shot of GALAXY J
    The Galaxy J is exclusive to the Japan market and has been completely designed, from product and UX to CMF by SDJ. The Parting Line has been minimized and the simplicity of Galaxy J’s exterior has been amplified by removing graphic patterns. On top of that, a fresh color much preferred by young women in their twenties and thirties has been applied.
  • A product shot of GALAXY J UX
    We developed and installed a new Japanese input system, System ‘8 Flick’, which can quickly switch between Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji all at once. Despite the limited space on a smartphone’s screen, users can enter characters more quickly with fewer errors. Also due to the history of natural disasters that occurred in Japan, we installed a ‘Long Life Mode’ function that maintains battery life in order to enable emergency communication.
  • An image shows mock-ups displayed at Next Driving Force
    The next generation collaborative CMF (Color/ Material/ Finishing) project showcases SDJ’s state-of-the-art material and processing technology that is actualized in product design. The exhibition, held under the theme ‘Integrated Design’, was an opportunity for SDJ to apply its unique CMF research and know-how to actual businesses. This exhibition presented mock-up of vacuum cleaners that went on to become a popular exhibit in the 2014 CES.
  • An image shows a Smart Watch mock-up at Next Driving Force 2
    The ‘Next Driving Force’ that began in 2013 has continued since then. With suggestions made through advanced CMF that incorporates SDJ’s cutting-edge material processing technology, we established a strategic partnership with Japanese businesses in which we can exclusively utilize their innovative technology.

A map shows the location of SDJ

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