April 4, 2023 Tranquil Yet Charming Movements W23 & W23 Flip Live Wallpaper Story
This is the key visual image of Tranquil Yet Charming Movements.
This is the key visual image of Tranquil Yet Charming Movements.

Exceptional beauty begins with graceful gestures. China’s premium smartphone W23 and W23 Flip feature wallpapers that enhance the premium value of the product through dynamic yet elegant motions. They respond to the folding and unfolding actions of the smartphone, as if revealing a story hidden like a gem within the aesthetic transitions in wallpaper.

This is the product image of W23.

This is the product back image of W23.
This is the product front image of W23. 雅致瓷羽

Refined Plume

This image explaining the W23's unfolded screen and wallpaper concept.

Wallpaper Concept

W23 wallpaper uses smooth lines and rounded surfaces to form a pair of three-dimensional ceramic wings. This is a metaphor of high social aspirations and the desire to embrace the world with warmth. The porcelain texture of the Song Dynasty ceramic is applied to capture the oriental style of exquisite beauty.

The wing’s porcelain surface patterns come together gradually over time and their unique glaze color that changes during firing are used to indicate the life journey and uniqueness of individuals. Furthermore, the overall color combination transmits a peaceful, elegant and tranquil feeling to the users.

Design Detail

The W23 wallpaper transforms from dark and gathered to light and spread-out. The texture and dynamic movement of ceramic wings created by mutually coordinated lights and motions captivates our attention in the process.

The wings are revealed when light gradually enters the screen as it opens. Then, the wings spread from top to bottom as the axis rotates from back to front. Simultaneously, the slight flapping of wings further emphasizes the delicate ceramic texture.

Once the whole screen is fully exposed, the wings are stably fixed and an elegant shape is completed. This is when the asymmetrical beauty makes the whole image more vivid and realistic.

This is the product image of W23 Flip.

This is the product back image of W23 Flip. This is the product front image of W23 Flip. 掌上明珠

Treasure Box

This image explaining the W23 Flip's unfolded screen and wall paper concept.

Wallpaper Concept

The W23 Flip wallpaper is inspired by the rippling waves of a giant clam and its resemblance as a box full of treasures. The wallpaper is composed of the opening and closing dynamics of the clam, corresponding to the characteristics of W23 Flip. This subtly alludes to a feeling of opening a treasure box.

Starting as a natural shell, its shape is clearly layered. Gold elements are included in the details of its folds and edges to foreshadow the wonderful contents once opened. Then, flowers embellished with golden accents bloom gracefully with agility. The splendor of the interior forms a great contrast to the simplicity of the outside, creating a dramatic movement.

Design Detail

The W23 Flip wallpaper’s motion is divided into two stages. In the initial stage, the treasure box opens as the petals grow from the inside out, and the shell rapidly disappears.

In the second and blooming stage, rich and varied petals like dazzling fireworks slowly bloom behind the pistil. Afterward, the golden pistil shines brilliantly between pearly white and rose gold petals.

The petals finally become fixed in the most elegant form when the screen is completely exposed, creating a vibrant and noble atmosphere.

This is the outro image of Tranquil Yet Charming Movements.

W23 and W23 Flip fulfills the expectations and desires users have for a premium smartphone with a consistent experience that starts from the exquisite presentation of the wallpaper. We hope that the gentle wave of wings and the graceful motions of blooming flowers will leave lasting impressions on users.