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The Design Story of Samsung The Premiere
This is a key visual image of Samsung The Premiere.

Home is a space that best represents personal preference. Our lives are constituted by the harmonization of objects selected by taste and necessity within a single space. Therefore, clear comprehension of the space used, the method of usage, and other neighboring objects is crucial when designing products. For this reason, designers of Samsung Electronics embrace the idea of ‘Blend into Home’ as their primary direction to encompass the everyday life and space of customers.

Beginning with The Serif TV in 2016, Samsung Electronics has been solidifying their direction by introducing lifestyle television products. The Frame TV, which resembles a picture frame, emanates emotion within a space even when unused, and The Serif TV blends in naturally with the interior anywhere in the house due to its furniture-like aspect. As if merging with the wallpaper, the Magic Screen becomes one with the background and renders into the space. Samsung Electronics’ new projector, The Premiere, follows this design context as well.

  • “Could a projector be used like
    a TV on a daily basis?”
  • “If it is used on a daily basis,
    it must be placed in a house.”
  • “Size and appearance must be harmonized with the space in the house.”

Designers of The Premiere have repeatedly deliberated on not only the purpose of the product but also the experience and values offered to customers in their lives. The product experience was designed in consideration of the entirety of everyday life rather than momentary fragments and challenged a design that harmonizes the whole space rather than parts. As a result, The Premiere pleases the eye when placed in any space and shines in the lives of customers.

  • * Images are simulated and for illustration purpose only. The actual product may differ from the images shown in this content.
  • * This product does not require the installation of an additional screen and can project onto flat monotone surfaces that are in white or bright colors.
  • For an optimal projection environment, it is recommended to use the customized screen made for the Ultra-short Throw projector.


This is a cover image of 1st section.

“The Premiere is used in living rooms or bedrooms just like TVs.
This statement has become the focal point of all design.

Rather than a product that is used occasionally, designers have visualized a product that is used frequently while being kept close like a television set. The product’s main purpose is to provide cinematic experiences at home, but the designer looked beyond that simple role to explore the space in which the product is placed. Therefore, the product’s material, appearance, color, and size were designed based on the user’s environment.

A Projector Overlaid with Fabric

Rather than being a rigid electronic device, The Premiere is coated with fabric materials to naturally merge with the space. Among other fabrics, the Kvadrat textile is often used for premium brand sofas and chairs because of its rich color expression and luxurious texture. Kvadrat was the most ideal choice for the product’s original purpose of resembling an interior object while being a comfortable companion to furniture. However, implementation was not an easy task. Due to its tight weave structure, the Kvadrat fabric could affect the sound quality when the speakers are coated. To prevent this, a fabric that features a new woven structure with increased aperture ratio, that also maintains a warm and firm look, was developed. As a result of relentless efforts and trials, a design that boasts a high-quality impression was created.

A living room image with a fabric placed on top of the furniture.
An image of The Premiere with a fabric image behind it.

“The Premiere is a premium home appliance equipped with advanced technology. However, despite having outstanding functions, a projector can become less appealing when it ruins the scenic view of a home. By creating a design mockup and verifying its appearance within a space, our conviction of creating a product that can ‘become one with the environment’ was confirmed.”

This is a sketch image drawn by The Premiere's product designer.
Close-up image of the round side of The Premiere.

Lines, Planes, and Colors for Space

Delicacy and sophistication are required to achieve balance and harmony with a house filled with objects of various shapes and sizes. The Premiere is smooth and refined without superfluous aspects, featuring a minimal but round line and a slim silhouette. Its appearance allows it to harmonize well with various objects, whether it is placed on a table or the cabinet. Reducing the size of the product was the most significant issue in the designing process. When various technologies are applied, the product tends to become bulky. The designers aspired to create a softly shaped object rather than a large rectangular box. By finely adjusting the position of the circuit, lens, speaker, and fan, the designers set the layout, corrected the lines repeatedly for the curve appearances, and constantly exchanged feedback with the mechanical engineering team. The color of the product was selected to exude an attitude of warmth and elegance by using a softer milky tone instead of a striking shade of white.


This is a cover image of 2st section.

“We made sure the natural aspects of the design led to the actual user experience.

To build the connection between the natural vibe of the exterior design and the values of comfort when using the product, designers deeply contemplated on the raw experiences of everyday life. Designers believe that in order to become a genuine ‘everyday product,’ any kind of cumbersome preparations that had to be made for an ideal watching experience, such as closing the curtains, installing additional equipment on the ceiling, or purchasing separate speakers, should be made obsolete. A rich, three-dimensional sound without the need of other speakers, clear brightness and accurate colors that are vivid even in midday, and the Ultra-short Throw technology that overcomes the limitations of placement were created to serve as experiences that become a part of the lives of customers.

The Premiere Image on the living room cabinet.
Infographic representing the distance (113mm) from the product and the screen height (100 inches).

Kept Close and Easy to Watch

The position of a product usually depends on its function. Since we must consider the path of users’ movements and installation requirements, placing products in desired spaces can turn out to be quite complicated. The Premiere relieves these conditions and allows free placement in desired locations with convenient access. Applied with ultra-short throw technology, The Premiere shoots the laser beam upwards rather from its side, which ensures a large screen even when the product is placed closely to the wall. This frees The Premiere from any potential limitations that may be caused by its placement or users’ movements.

Vivid Color in the Light

Clear picture quality must be guaranteed to thoroughly enjoy large screens up to 130-inches, wherever the viewer is sitting. Colors must be vivid and as bright as the movie screen regardless of the time in the day. The Premiere maximizes color expressions with triple laser and HDR10+ technology, and properly displays every little detail through a contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1 and a maximum brightness of 2,800 ANSI-Lumens. If the value of technology is in enabling users to enjoy crisp picture quality in any environment, the consideration of design is rooted in the ability to blend into any environment.

The screen is clearly visible even in a bright living room.
It's an image of a product that goes with furniture naturally.

“We wanted to rectify the situation where the environment must be adjusted according to the product, so that it could be used effortlessly in the actual lives of users. The intention is clearly expressed in the design to accompany the integration of new technologies that would change usage patterns and experiences.”

Ample Sounds on its Own

Sound is one of the elements that establish a remarkable home cinema experience. Since the performance of speakers mounted on projectors are typically unsatisfactory, installing separate speakers to ramp up the quality of sound was considered a standard. However, The Premiere declares independence from theses stereotypes. The all-in-one speaker is equipped with a woofer and an acoustic beam with powerful output, emitting sound through 44 audio holes on the left and right sides that creates a three-dimensional sound. Utilizing the acoustic beam technology required puncturing holes in long tubes, similar to the structure of wind instruments. This meant a certain amount of space had to be secured. To make sure this didn’t lead to an enlargement of the product’s size, designers made the extra effort to create precise internal designs that enabled surround sound in a smaller exterior form.

This is a video that shows the rich sound of The Premiere.
This is outro image of The Premiere.

The Premiere was given a harmonious design that became a companion to its environment rather than standing out to flaunt its presence. This was a unanimous decision since the final destination and purpose of the product is to be used in the actual situations and environments of real users. This seemingly obvious statement is instilled with the designers’ modesty, consideration, and understanding of the customer. Thanks to this, The Premiere naturally blends into everyday lives and comfortably situates itself in any environment.

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