The song of a bird just outside the window, her voice from the other side of the phone, the familiar
humming of a loved one… our day to day is filled with sounds that reverberate in our hearts and minds.
When we hear those sounds again, no matter how long time has lapsed, we are flooded with memories.
The sound of an air conditioner, an oven turning on, the ring of a smartphone… all of these
digital sounds also become a part of your daily routine and naturally a part of your memory.
We here at Samsung Electronics also consider acoustic resonance as an important factor of
the user experience, as such our products are imbued with a distinct sound.
Come join us on a familiar path where we focus on the sound of our products.

This content is better experienced with earphones or speaker.

Samsung Brand Sound
The theme of Samsung Electronics’ products can be summed up as ‘Over the Horizon’ for mobile devices and ‘Beyond
the Horizon’ for home appliances - looking toward the challenges of the future with passion and anticipation.
Although the melody may sound different the nuances of both share a subtle similarity. Both are neutral and positive
attitude while retaining a simple medium tempo with 4 to 6 melodies.
These two simple melodies carry a long way, especially when applied to our products. Let’s look at a few examples.

Over the Horizon

Over the Horizon has been the sound for Samsung Electronic mobile devices since 2012 for
a better future in our daily life. It’s used for the Default Ringtone, Message Tone, Advertisements,
Music Videos and other various media. We’ve also collaborated with musicians
to expand this melody in diverse ways.

Over the Horizon

Samsung Galaxy S7

As the smartphone is probably the most used and
closely kept device ever developed, it is vital that
even the smallest functions have a corresponding
sound and synchronize with the UX design principles.

  • Default Ringtone

    The Swedish band Dirty Loops remixed the Over the Horizon
    melody for the Galaxy S7 and is used as the default ringtone.

  • Lock/Unlock

    As this function is used most often it should be quick and
    simple, yet clearly distinguishable. A distinct metallic sound
    was chosen to convey the precision of the device.

  • Camera Shutter

    To continue the identity of Samsung cameras into
    the smartphone, an actual analogue camera shutter was
    sampled and edited for a consistent sound across all devices,
    from analogue cameras, digital cameras and mobile devices.

  • Samsung Pay

    The sound of plastic as it’s pulled from a money clip is
    the motif developed for the sound when you activate
    Samsung Pay. It’s meant to evoke the feel of paying with
    an actual credit card. In line with this, when you swipe through
    your cards on the app it mimics plastic hitting plastic for
    a familiar yet new experience.

Over the Horizon

Gear IconX

As left and right components are completely divided
and sound is provided in stereo, also the fact that there
are no buttons or a screen to access, this device
required a totally new approach in user experience:
The Invisible Audio Menu.

  • Wear On Sound

    As both right and left ear buds operate independently,
    each ear receives a small ping to signal activation.

  • Coupled Sound

    A delayed ping is volleyed back and forth to signal
    that both ear buds are connected and in synch.

  • Volume Up/Down

    AUI(Auditory User Interface) distinguishes high and
    low volume for suitable control.

  • Invisible Audio Menu Guide

    When you tap & hold, the menu is read out loud with
    an AUI sound that signals for you to let go to start that menu.

iconX left
iconX right

Beyond the Horizon

Beyond the Horizon has been our signature brand melody for home appliances since 2015.
It represents positivity and unlimited possibilities in ascending melody.

Beyond the Horizon

Q9000, Q9500

The windless air conditioner echoes a wind chime when
it starts up or is controlled for a clear, refreshing sound
to compliment the cool air coming forth.

  • Power On/Off Sound

    The Beyond the Horizon melody is differentiated when you turn
    on or off the air conditioner. Other details are the melody is
    precisely synched to the vents opening sequence.

  • Temperature Control Sound

    This helps you to distinguish whether you’re setting the room
    temperature up or down.

Beyond the Horizon

Built-in Oven

For this appliance, we analyzed the different functions into
two categories; power, error, timer functions that apply to
the entire product range and specific functions that are unique to
each individual product such as partition activation/ deactivation,
cook done. By doing this, each product is connected by a unified
sound but also is uniquely identified.

  • Power On Sound

    Even without high definition speakers,
    the Beyond the Horizon sounds simple and direct.

  • Buzzer & Speaker Sound

    The buzzer key has been raised one octave and together
    with the SPK version can be heard and distinguishable
    in any environment.

  • Door Open Sound

    The door open alarm sounds 2 minutes after the door is
    kept open. Rather than a high-pitch alarm a less harsh
    melody set (ti-mi-fa#) was chosen for a more considerate
    sound alarm.

Each of us have a unique voice.
No two are the same. Likewise, a brand should have its own unique acoustics.
The sonic experience with a brand is a vital asset and an intricate part of the total brand experience.
Here at Samsung Electronics, we take great care to ensure that the sound you hear from our products is clear,
audible and consistent with the other elements of our products and services we provide to you.
Even the most fleeting sound bites have been evaluated many time over to create a fun yet memorable brand experience.