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SmartThings Home Life provides integrated home services by merging all home appliances for users to live comfortable and easier everyday lives. SmartThings Home Life delivers smarter and seamless experiences when using various home appliances such as TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners by connecting these appliances together through its integrated service. The service can be used conveniently by talking to Bixby, making it to operate these devices much easier than before. Repeated daily patterns can be conveniently managed by setting them as Routines in the SmartThings app. This eliminates the hassle of personally repeating daily tasks, such as setting laundry courses or turning on the air purifier every time you open a window. Experience a better, smarter way to live each day with the SmartThings Home Life’s customized home service tailored to each individual user.

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Perfect Dinner Just for Myself

After a week of hard work, I pick up some beef tenderloin for myself on my way home. I’m not sure what I wanted to cook, so I turn to Bixby and ask “Hi Bixby, find me some recipes with beef tenderloin”. I chose a recipe that sounds the most appetizing and start cooking right away. The key to this dish is in roasting the meat. I use the Sensor Cook to sear the tenderloin to medium. The kitchen hood turns on automatically as soon as I start using the induction. I continue to cook without worrying about smells lingering in the house. I know I’m not the most talented chef, but I feel great about cooking a perfectly seared steak.
Before I start eating, I open the window to feel the spring breeze. I elegantly plated the meal, and SmartThings Cooking recommends me a wine that complements the steak. The air purifier turns on after detecting fine dust that probably came in through the window. I take a sip of wine after taking pictures of my first successfully cooked meal. It feels as if the fatigue from an exhausting week just melts away.

The character grills beef in the kitchen and enjoys steak with wine after cooking.
Worry-free from a Distance

I’m concerned for my pet Maru who has been spending more time along at home these days because of an important project I started at work. I then open the SmartThings app to check up on Maru. Barking alerts were frequent in the past, but they have decreased after going through training sessions with the vet. I’m proud of him for doing so well by himself at home. I turn on the lights and TV with the app in the evening, so Maru doesn’t feel lonely. Looks like I’ll be working overtime again today, so I fill up Maru’s dinner in his bowl through a feeder in advance.
Suddenly, a SmartThings Home Care notification pops up from my parents’ house. I turn on my parent’s JetBot AI camera to look around the house and find out my mom tripped on the kitchen floor. I immediately call her, and she said she unconsciously cried out for help while panicking when she wasn’t able to get up after tripping. Thankfully she said she wasn’t hurt. I plan on making time to visit her this weekend with Maru.

The dog is running in the living room and The character checks the mother who collapsed in the kitchen with the Jetbot AI monitoring function.
A Weekend of Golf

I spend all day Sunday playing golf with my friends. After a fun round, I come home and put my brand-new golf shoes in the ShowDresser to keep them nice and clean. I really like how they feel on my feet, so I plan to wear them again on the next rounding. I then go to the dressing room and put my golf wear in the AirDresser. SmartThings Clothing Care recommends a wash cycle that is perfect for someone like myself who is addicted to golf. I set this cycle as ‘My Golf Care’ and start it. Finally, I continue to organize the rest of my gear. I feel recharged after the weekend playing golf. It gives me full energy to start another week.

The character puts shoes in shoe dresser and a golf suit in an air dresser after returning home
Ready for Spring

As the weather gets warmer, I begin preparing for spring. I planted some flowers and washed my blankets I’ve been putting off. A couple days ago, the SmartThings app notified me to replace the air purifier filters. The filters arrived just in time, so I replace them right away. This made me feel like I’ve finally done my job as I’ve knocked out an important task on the spring clean checklist. Then, I proceed to sweep away the dust in every corner of the house with a vacuum cleaner. Laying on the sofa with a glass of cool water could not be more refreshing. I am looking forward to the upcoming spring.

The character is changing the air purifier filter.
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Efforts for Our Planet

Carrying a tumbler instead of a disposable cup, using an eco-bag to avoid plastic bags, and maintaining a vegan diet on specific days are some ways I’ve changed my life to better the environment. Recently, I have also been managing the energy consumption of my home appliances. I can check how much energy is used by each device, control consumption, and receive tips on how to reduce energy usage from my most used devices through SmartThings Energy. The AI Saving Mode automatically switches my devices to Energy Saving Mode before reaching a preset usage target. I hope my efforts, whether big or small, can contribute to a sustainable future.

The character spends an eco-friendly daily life to create a sustainable future