Design for All Family Members

SAMSUNG Showcase Refrigerator

The façade of the Showcase refrigerator is shown.

When designing the Samsung Showcase refrigerator, we meticulously studied how people use their refrigera-tor in daily lives. Upon observation, the designers came to conclusion that the key attributes for the new model should be 'allocation of space' and 'family'. The Samsung Showcase started from the designers thinking about how they could help all family members use the refrigerator more efficiently, while making the design aesthetically pleasing.

Space reorganizing

Various vegetables are on display in wooden boxes.

The essential function of the refrigerator is the 'storage' of fresh food and drinks, but just as important is the 'usability'. Assuming that the ingredients and fresh food are well refrigerated, users also need to be able to easily find the fresh ingredients or already cooked foods. Additionally, while housewives were the primary users of refrigerators in the past, the product has now become the most frequently used household appliance among all family members. Consumers had a need for a friendlier refrigerator in which everyone could find what they needed even when a parent was not around. In other words, 'usability' has become a major element of the refrigerator when serving the needs of the entire family.

Suggesting a new lifestyle

2 Showcase refrigerators are standing in a large gray area.

This family-friendly refrigerator was built through innovation, denying all stereotypes concerninga refrigerator's 'space.' The Samsung Showcase refrigerator has taken a step further, suggesting a more convenient and enjoyable new lifestyle.

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