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Samsung Designer’s Real Story Part 1


Inspiration for design waits lying in the scenes of everyday life
until someone’s ingenious perspective catches it, prompting the idea
to shine into existence. Brilliant discoveries and impressions are hidden throughout;
perhaps in a song verse heard on the commute to work, in a moment while
brushing your teeth, or in a small scribble or sentence written in a notebook.
That’s why looking into the bag you carry everyday is akin to looking into
the source of your thoughts. Wonder what seeds of inspiration there are
in the everyday bags of new designers who just joined Samsung Electronics!
Our designers have opened their bags for us to witness their real and raw
design stories of drawing special inspirations from daily encounters. *The interview are personal opinions of certain designers, and do not represent the position or strategy of Samsung Electronics.

  • Mobile Division GUI Designer

    Sae Byuk Shin

    1. The item that defines me as a designer

      Lipstick. When I focus all my energy on design,
      I feel my lips turning pale over time. I’m sometimes
      surprised when I see myself in the mirror because of
      how different I look from when I first came into
      the office, but as I see my lipstick gradually
      wearing down from use, I think to myself,
      “Wow, I’m really working hard, aren’t l.”

    2. My own unique item of inspiration

      My toothbrush. I think about what kind of ideas
      I want to conceive or how to tackle projects while
      I brush my teeth at work. There are moments when
      you can focus on your consciousness when doing
      daily tasks. It also helps me relax from the pressures
      of the work environment. Inspiration does come
      more naturally when your mind is at peace.

    3. Personal definition of
      a ‘meaningful design’

      The French word ‘Inframince’ means ‘a miniscule
      difference that is so meticulous it’s hard to perceive.’
      My idea of a meaningful design is about building up
      ‘Inframince’. When small differences pile up on top
      of one another, you’ll have a sturdy design
      that is set apart from others.

    4. The kind of designer I aspire to become

      A designer that is like a ‘Restroom’. People go back home
      after work to the comfort of their restrooms to peacefully
      bathe in warm water or soothe their urgent needs
      by taking care of business. It is also a place where you can
      fix your make-up and come out all fresh and renewed.
      I want people to experience this sort of modest
      but comfortable feeling through my designs.

    5. A special bookmark only I want to know

      I get inspired from unique designs in opening and endings
      sequences of films. When I look at the various colors and
      screen-shifting techniques, I feel like my passion for design
      become flexible again after being a bit stiff over time.

  • Corporate Design Center UI Designer

    Yeon Ee Choi

    1. My own unique item of inspiration

      My perfume. I just started this job so there’s still
      so much I am unfamiliar with, which kind of
      makes me anxious all the time. The perfume I carry
      with me is made from nature’s scent, and it soothes
      my anxiety and refreshes me whenever I get a whiff
      of its aroma. As a matter of fact, it helps me better
      conceive new ideas too.

    2. Requirements for being a great designer

      I think there are only two differences between a great
      person and an ordinary person. Passion and perseverance.
      I don’t think you can achievehigh performance with talent
      or skill alone. I believe that great design and a great
      designer are born when you add effort into the mix.

    3. The most important factor
      in the design process

      Singularity in the style and message you want
      to convey. Also, the attitude of patiently listening
      to others during design collaboration is important
      as well. If you don’t make an effort to understand
      the opinions of others, your potential is limited
      within the confines of your own knowledge.
      This is why I practice the art of listening to others.

    4. My definition of
      a ‘Samsung Electronics Designer’

      The image of a designer is sometimes perceived
      as a person who only pursues abstract or sensual things.
      However, the designers I met while working here are
      all focused on the lifestyles of our users in concrete
      and realistic aspects. I think a Samsung Electronics
      Designer is one who creates products that can be
      both practical and meaningful at the same time.

    5. The kind of designer
      I want to be remembered as

      A designer that is after the heart of people.
      I want to be a designer who can capture the authentic
      stories of people, while providing values they desire
      most and resolving problems in their perspective.

  • Digital Appliances Division Product Designer

    Il Mo Ahn

    1. My own unique item of inspiration

      My grandmother’s inheritance, a ring. It’s the only
      inheritance she left with me when she passed away
      in 2008. Having someone you hold dear close
      can give you strength and happiness.
      I think that kind of positive emotion evokes
      design inspiration within me.

    2. Changes I experienced
      after becoming a designer

      The biggest change started when I received an award
      overseas in 2014. I was able to turn the switch lamp
      into a product through exhibitions held in 21 cities
      across 5 countries. It was during those two years
      I experienced an unwavering conviction to always
      have a dream. My dream is not only the embodiment
      of my pride, but also the impetus that moves me.

    3. First thing I do before designing

      Before I start designing a product,
      I contemplate on the origin of the product itself
      and the needs for which it was first created.
      When I understand this original purpose,
      I can envision a transcending idea while still
      remaining in the range of the product’s identity.

    4. A special bookmark only I want to know

      The website for the Science Journal AAAS
      ( It’s the fastest way
      to predict and confirm the changes in present times
      and the future. This place serves as a rich pool of
      ideas and inspiration for me.

  • Mobile Division GUI Designer

    Jun Hyeok Chang

    1. Item that defines me as a designer

      Lego. Toy blocks. Infinite creations are possible
      with the combinations of these blocks. I believe I can
      create a myriad of new designs with the combination
      of my experiences and ideas. The fact that it has
      infinite possibilities is similar to my own potential.

    2. My must-have design item

      Paper and pencil. Since I’m a graphic designer,
      I use the computer as my primary tool, but I try
      not to have my thoughts confined to the computer.
      When I’m drawing with my hand, I tend to find
      new thoughts and expressions that lie outside
      of the computer screen.

    3. A rule I follow when collaborating

      Endlessly contemplating about my own role.
      Design collaborations are similar to a soccer match.
      It’s because in soccer matches there are always
      a defense side and an offense side. Design works
      the same way. You’ll need to complement one another
      or at times fearlessly lay down ideas based on the situation
      of the project. Once you’re on the field, you need
      to know exactly what position you are playing.

    4. An inspiring space

      Before I go to sleep, I get under my sheets
      and do all my random thinking. In this stream of
      unconsciousness, I sometimes happen upon fun ideas.
      That’s when I jot them down in my notebook.

    5. The kind of designer
      I want to be remembered as

      A hilarious designer.

  • Digital Appliance Division UI Designer

    Min Ji Park

    1. The item that defines me as a designer

      Books. Whenever I want to build up on or organize
      my thoughts, I often visit the company library.
      I always carry around books in my bag, and
      that alone makes me feel like my mind is taking
      in the knowledge and thoughts contained in the book.
      The most recent book I have read is <Laws of
      Attractive Concept>.

    2. Activities I do to gain inspiration

      Since I’m a designer who majored in engineering,
      I have friends from many different fields of study.
      I usually engage in conversations with these friends
      and find inspiration in the daily life. I think the sheer
      joy that comes from conversing with friends is very
      helpful when it comes to creating design.

    3. The kind of designer
      I want to be remembered as

      A well-rounded and competent designer.
      I’m interested in a wide array of topics, so I consider
      myself as more of a generalist than a specialist.
      Even at the Digital Appliance Division where I am
      currently part of, I’m involved in various tasks from
      screen environment design, panel UI, voice UI,
      to service design and more.

    4. A special bookmark only I want to know

      The screen capture key that I use frequently. I use
      the smartphone relatively more than others, and
      the Internet offers such an abundant sea of information
      for designers like myself. Whenever I find something
      useful, I save it by taking a screenshot. I then backup
      the image file onto my cloud and organize it there.

Bags that Carry the Future of Design

An ordinary item can embody an individual’s personal time.
This precious time can burgeon into inspiration that then finds
breakthrough as an ingenious idea and a much-needed design for users.
A designer’s bag is a small repository of thoughts that is filled with such items.
We look forward to seeing the unique characteristics and sensibilities of
our designers held in these bags make the world a more meaningful place.