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One Thought,
One UI

One UI Story

Innovation begins with a single thought. A wave can emerge from one point and grow to shift the currents in our experiences, daily lives, and worlds. Experiences that are born out of the interactions between people or objects evolve each day to transform the ways we think, work, and live. Here, residing in the palms of our users, another thought that resembles our users is blooming.

Introducing One UI

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The smart device has become the most important tool for people living in the modern age. It is now a close companion, a channel that bridges all communication, and a vessel that embodies your innermost self. However, with the influx of countless types and roles of these devices, interfaces have become much more sophisticated and complex. One UI has been designed with the purpose of connecting various devices together to provide a seamless experience, and its simplicity makes it easy to use.

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Made for Today

One UI is a comfortable interface that is designed for today's generation.

The new generation has been using smart devices ever since they were old enough to grab one in their hands. Even when they are trying out a new smart device, the new generation instinctively understands the device and interacts effortlessly with it. One UI is designed in mind of every moment the user interacts with the smart device from the moment it is turned on until the moment it is off. One UI provides both familiar usability and emotional connections with any user by encompassing the way a user thinks and acts.

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Made for Everyone

One UI strives for simplicity that is convenient to use for anyone and everyone.

Complexity often comes with unnecessary decorations, whereas simplicity allows the essence to shine. Decluttering unnecessary elements means we can understand information faster and more accurately. A simple interface doesn’t cause fatigue, and intuitive usages lead to better experiences. One UI is the result of the meticulous refinement of information and function based on the analysis of every single moment a user utilizes a device. One UI leaves just the necessary essences for users so that anyone can easily understand and use it.

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Made for Every Moment

One UI brings all moments together in a single direction.

There was a time when new iterations of smart devices had to introduce unique experiences each time. But now, our lives are accompanied by many different devices rather than a single, representative device. One UI aspires for an integrated experience that can flexibly accommodate devices with a unified direction and a consistent face and voice. One UI provides an organically linked experience for users by bridging connections between objects or between objects and people.

Principles of One UI

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One UI understands users and begins its journey from closely listening to their voices. One UI is instilled with the desire to become a key that opens the door to a new world with consistent experiences that can be comfortably used by anyone. To ensure that One UI’s values are effectively conveyed to its users, we have set four design principles for One UI. With its thoughtful and detailed consideration of users, One UI will be reborn to have a genuine and meaningful impact to our daily lives.
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1. One Makes It Natural

One UI is based on the behaviors of each individual user so that anyone can naturally and comfortably use it. One UI has been created to embody the physical and behavioral characteristics of users. It is optimized for the eyes and hands of users to eliminate unnecessary movement and help them execute desired functions faster. One UI’s interface offers natural usability that is as smooth as a flowing stream of water.

A Comfortable Layout

Areas for viewing and touching are clearly distinguished so that users can completely and comfortably control the device with a single hand.

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This is a image showing of the Night mode change its UI according to day or night.
  • Default
  • Night Mode

No More Glares at Night

Night Mode optimizes the display for appropriate viewing at night to alleviate fatigue on your eyes.
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Easily Visible by Anyone

Anyone can comfortably view the screen regardless of any physical limitations.
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Perceivable by Everyone

Detailed information is provided so that any user can naturally understand and utilize any function.
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2. One Is Clean and Easy

One UI focuses on the essence, which gives a clean and concise first impression. Smart devices have become powerful and capable enough to handle all our tasks and needs, and their interfaces carry much more data than ever before. Processes are now more complicated and there has been an increase in unnecessary elements, which are starting to disrupt users from intuitively understanding these devices. One UI has been concisely refined to guide users toward important functions and necessary information.
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Keep It Clean with Focus Block

Focus Block clears up your contents for easy viewing in a single glance.

Clearly Conveying Information

A straightforward design helps any user easily perceive important information.

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Conciseness That Is Easy to See

The screen only provides necessary apps for a concise and decluttered experience.

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3. One Keeps Consistency

One UI doesn’t settle with one-dimensional experiences, and instead encompasses a wide variety of experiences with consistency. Smart devices are now major conglomerations of various information and functions. A new and harmonious balance is created by blending the unique characteristics of hardware and software while remembering each individual device’s interface and primary identities of applications. One UI brings all these smart device experiences together into a uniform, one experience.

Consistency Found in Every Direction

The corners have been rounded to standardize design elements and establish a unified visual look

This is a image showing of One UI design has unity.
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Unvarying Context for Familiarity

The upward swipe interaction stays constant on any screen, which brings long-lasting depth to user experience.

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Maintaining Oneness in Every Perceivable Direction

The interface stays constant on any other device to help users intuitively perceive context.

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  • One UI

Bridging the Gap Between Past and Present

Even when devices continued to introduce novelty, their symbolic meaning remains unchanged.

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4. One Attracts All Senses

One UI conveys sentimental experiences that leave a memorable impression on users. When we have conversations with one another, we are oftentimes more influenced by the slight changes in tone or the flow of emotions rather than the exact words that are spoken. One UI pursues organic and friendly interactions rather than stoic exchanges. The moment a user touches the interface, fine movements of visual elements and delicate sounds evoke a peaceful resonance in the hearts of users.

This is a image of One UI’s set up screen.
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  • One UI

Friendlier and Uncomplicated

A friendly and conversational language makes using your device simpler and more comfortable.

This is a image of One UI's alram screen.

Sentimental Gradients

The soft-glowing light exuding from the display gently touches both the eyes and hearts of users.

This is a image of set up, message. Camera icon.

Harmonious Icon Compositions

Structurally designed icons convey a sense of comfort and oneness through its balanced composition.

Impressionable Sounds

The resonance resounding from meticulously designed sounds leave a lasting impression on our users.

  • Call Connect PLAY Call Connect
  • Call Disconnect PLAY Call
  • Charging Started PLAY Charging
  • Silent Mode Off PLAY Silent
    Mode Off
This is a image of One UI's sound mood.
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One UI offers one direction that ties people and devices together into one experience. No matter what device is being used, a user will start using it with ease naturally with a sense of familiarity. One UI will also serve as a consistent face that greets users in various devices other than mobile devices. One UI will continue to bridge the gap between both devices and people to become a unifier that paves the path for the values of tomorrow.
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