June 15, 2023

2023 Accessibility Festival Week

In celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day on May 18th 2023, the Samsung Electronics Seoul R&D Campus held the Accessibility Festival Week (AFW) from May 18th to June 2nd. The AFW event kicks off this year with the purpose of sharing the vision and principles of accessibility with Samsung Electronics members through various programs.

A ‘The Touch Gallery’1) was held during the event, through which Samsung employees had the opportunity to appreciate artwork using tangible methods, similar to how visually impaired users would interact with art. There was also a ‘Photograph Contest’ that featured photography from employees on the topics of accessibility, and a special ‘Photo Exhibition’ prepared by Samsung Family Supporters2) that touched on the subject of accessibility as well.

▲ A Photograph Contest and a Tangible Artwork Exhibition

The AFW highlight event was held on June 1st, featuring performance and seminar on accessibility. The event started with a special speech by Jinsoo Kim, Executive Vice President of the Corporate Design Center and a head of the Samsung Accessibility Committee3), followed up with a sign-language musical by Handspeak4) and a seminar led by Park Wi of the WERACLE Channel. The AFW highlight event provided a great atmosphere for Samsung employees to connect with one another and share their thoughts and insights on accessibility.

▲ 2023 Accessibility Festival Week Highlight Event

Attendees commented on the positive influence of this event, saying “This event opened my eyes towards accessibility.” and “The seminar gave me inspiration to design products and services that can better serve more people of various backgrounds.” Following this year’s AWF event at the Samsung Electronics Seoul R&D Campus, there are plans for more opportunities for Samsung employees to experience and resonate with the importance of accessibility.

1) The touch gallery was provided by the Siloam Center for the Blind. The Siloam Center for the Blind is a non-profit private organization that develops and practices advanced welfare models for the blind.

2) Together with Samsung Family Supporters, consisting of Samsung employees and family members with disabilities, we assess the needs of users across the spectrum to create ease of use for all.

3) The Samsung Accessibility Committee works closely together with designers and developers to continuously improve the accessibility experience for all Samsung users.

4) Handspeak is an art-directing and talent company specializing in sign language-mediated communications and art. We are a social enterprise in the making with a self-given mission of finding business solutions towards increasing participation by talented.