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Samsung Design at Milan Design Week 2019
This is a video showing the circular lights that symbolizing a theme of the exhibition, ‘resonance’.

Samsung Electronics, which has provided meaningful experiences by connecting technology with people in the past 50 years, will present the ‘Resonance’ exhibition at Milan Design Week in April 2019. This exhibition portrays ‘Be Bold. Resonate with Soul.’ that Samsung Design pursues and will showcase the bold endeavor to propose infinite possibilities created by resonance.

The ‘Resonance’ exhibition is composed of empathy, discovery, and moments of deep immersion. The audience will interact with the artwork based on everyday behaviors – from breathing, making sound, and movement that completes an exhibition both created by and dedicated to the audience themselves.

The transformation of everyday life that results in the interaction between people and objects is expressed in the form of perfect resonance between artwork and audience, which portrays the state of tomorrow that Samsung Electronics pursues. Embedded in the waves of resonance that spread first from the artwork to the audience, and then from the audience to their surroundings, lies Samsung Design Philosophy. With this philosophy, Samsung Electronics seeks to provide deep, heartfelt experiences to customers.

This is an image of an audience.

Into the Realms of Empathy

Resonance begins from the act of sharing similar emotions. Audiences are greeted with a space that softly glows with a wide array of colors that awaken their inner sentimentalities. This starting point of the exhibition is where the audience experiences a resounding resonance with their individual senses.

This is an image of audience observing artwork.

A journey to Discovery

Being in the presence of large installation art leads to a journey to new discoveries. Booths that emit colorful shades and lights catch everyone’s attention to draw all into the world within the exhibition. Interactions through everyday behaviors connect the artwork with the audience and those around them, leading everybody involved toward exploring new experiences. Sounds created by the combination of Samsung Sound Design and the exhibition’s theme breathe life into the artwork to capture the joy of hearing.

This is an image of a person blowing into artwork.
This is an image of artwork ‘Dandelion’.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Every breathe we take embodies the rhythm of life. Shapes that enlarge based on the amount of breath the audience breathes in blends with the breaths of others to create new forms each time. Every rhythm breathed in by the audience becomes individual artworks.

See Your Voice

Voicing yourself is an expression of existence. The wave of spiral strings that spread out with light based on the sounds made by the audience boldly voices out each other’s existence in the darkness. This empathy then manifests in the form of a mystical sound that ties the artwork and the audience together in a single experience.

This is an image of a person making noise.
This is an image of artwork ‘Whirlwind’.
This is an image of pounding hand.
This is an image of artwork ‘Aflot’.

Touch the Emotion

When one sense is united with another, the scope of experience widens. Tens of thousands of balls bouncing up based on the pressure placed on a sensor stimulates both visual and tactile senses that awaken the inner sensibilities of the spectators. An ordinary everyday gesture made by your fingertips transforms into a fun activity for everyone.

This is an image of 3th exhibition installed mirrors and lights.

The Innermost Immersion

The new worlds discovered by each person as they focus on their individual senses come together as one to expand further. At the climactic moment of the exhibition, the audience walks into the installation and experiences complete immersion. Their surrounding environment is ever-changing based on their movements, which enlighten the senses to create an even deeper and greater resonance.

This is an image of water making waves in artwork ‘Ripple’.

Ripple of Senses

When stepped into the installation, swaying ripples and waves of light guide us with a mystical sound that leads to a world we are familiar with in everyday life. The audience’s sense of sight and hearing becomes completely captured within the world of the artwork, becoming one with the ripples they created. In a space where only their senses are awake, the audience is drawn closer to the deep reverberation created by resonance.

This is an image of audience experience artwork ‘Prism’.

Resonating with Soul

In moments of deep immersion, the audience becomes one with the artwork and completes their journey. They are faced with their innermost selves in a space filled with diverse colors, lights, and shadows. The sound of stepping on pebbles, a magical atmosphere conceived by a foggy mist, and profound resonance formed by the movement of light that resounds in the audience’s heart compel their entire senses to be completely drenched into the artwork. The many shades of ‘me’ reflected by colorful lights symbolize the origin of resonance, altogether expressing Samsung Design Philosophy that is thoroughly human-focused.

This is a lounge image showing pictures of Samsung Electronics’ history.

Audiences who complete the journey of the exhibition can observe the Samsung Electronics’ track record of the past 50 years in the lounge area. Samsung Electronics has consistently made the utmost effort to provide valuable and heartfelt experiences to customers. Contemplation and determination of Samsung Electronics to prepare and open a bright new future with its customers is at the center point of the ‘Resonance’ exhibition.

With another TV placed in the lounge, the audience can check out the Artwork created from the re-interpretation of their emotions perceived by their actions.
This is pictures show of exhibition.