Artificial Landscapes

MICRO LED Screen Identity Design Story

This is a key visual image of the Micro LED Screen Identity contents.

Artificial Landscapes is a series of dynamic data sculptures custom-designed by Refik Anadol Studio to portray Samsung’s next-generation MICRO LED display technology. Artificial Landscapes consists of three unique chapters, each offering a visual representation of how memories of nature can be simulated and represented through cutting-edge machine learning algorithms.
The relationship between simulation, reality, and the quest for understanding the cosmos is reflexive. It is precisely the interaction between simulation, systemic reflection, and the sublime beauty of nature that Artificial Landscapes explores in relation to the transformation technology brings to our daily lives.

“Stories are responsible to our human desire for resolution, but simulation is responsible only to its own laws and initializing conditions.
A simulation has no moral, prejudice or meaning. Like nature, it just is.” - Philip K. Dick, Writer

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This is a Refik Anadol’s first work, Fluid Dreams.

Fluid Dreams

Fluid Dreams is our first latent cinematic experience that draws inspiration from fluid dynamics. Millions of particles that form the MICRO LED display are illustrated through spectacular visuals that resemble the dynamic movements of sea and ocean surfaces. The waves transform into shades of Samsung Blue to only serving as a means of visualizing information, but also as a transmutation of our desire for experiencing nature with poetic visuals.

Land Dreams

Land Dreams is the second dynamic data sculpture that offers a unique visual experience through natural colors created by MICRO LED based on data of landscapes and ecological scenery of the world. The artwork incorporates pigments, shapes, and patterns that we associate with our various experiences of nature while paying homage to its unbound sublimity. The piece commemorates the ultimate reality of the earth we share.

This is a Refik Anadol’s second work, Land Dreams.
This is a Refik Anadol’s third work, Space Dreams.

Space Dreams

Space Dreams is the third sequence in the series that explores an avant-garde form of cartographic aesthetics. Utilizing millions of celestial images of Earth's topology, the artwork is derived from a generative adversarial network (GAN) latent walk, interpolating between different landscapes and features of the globe. The work’s intricate and abstract layers of machine-generated dreams allude to a connection with an infinite cosmos of unimaginably vast data. The MICRO LED TV’s Monolith design tears down the boundaries between content and screen, maximizing the expression of a cosmos without bounds.

This is a image of photo of Refik Anadol and an interview video of an artist.
This is a image of photo of Refik Anadol and an interview video of an artist.

Refik Anadol

Refik Anadol (b. 1985, Istanbul, Turkey) is a media artist and director who currently resides in Los Angeles, California, operating the Refik Anadol Studio. Anadol’s body of work addresses the challenges and possibilities imposed on mankind by ubiquitous computing, and what it means to be a human in the age of machine intelligence.

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This is a interior image of Fluid Dreams playing.

Like a canvas, a screen can contain anything. We can observe new worlds and indefinitely shape our imagination through the screen. Standing out in simplicity, the MICRO LED TV’s Monolith design fully conveys imagination through experiences without any obstructions. Samsung Electronics designers and Refik Anadol demonstrated the possibility of MICRO LED display, the core of Samsung Electronics technology, in their collaboration. We will continue to explore and articulate the future achieved through technology.

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