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Samsung Grande AI Design Story

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Convenient products must stay true to its purpose of being convenient. The washer and dryer were born to alleviate our burden of labor, but the complicated array of buttons and functions on the front panel resulted in another point of concern. Samsung Electronics designers re-examined the ways we used the washer and dryer with a focus on the essence of doing laundry. Based on extensive deliberations on the placement of the product, methods and behaviors of doing laundry, and user environments, a new standard for change that transcends previously existing formats was created. By adding in what is necessary and taking out the unimportant, the act of doing laundry was made to be more enjoyable and comfortable. Harmoniously blending in with our space and environment, being simply yet smart, and perfectly fitting the life patterns of users. All to help users spend more time and energy on what really matters in their lives. * The images shown in this content are purposely created to help understand the features. The actual product may differ from the images. The features and details of the product introduced in this content may vary depending on country, region, and model.

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Harmony That Ties the Space Together

Harmony That Ties the Space Together

The Samsung Grande AI has flexibility that is not confined to space. The concise form reduces volume to blend with its surroundings no matter what the spatial structure is like. The linked control panel of both the washer and dryer maximizes the use of space through various placements that adds to its convenience.

This is an image of Grande Washer and Dryer in the middle of a well-designed multi-use room.

The Standard of Home Appliance Trends

The Samsung Grande AI boasts exceptional beauty as a lifestyle home appliance through a flat silhouette that reduces volume and puts emphasis on its lines and planes. The simple visor handle completes the flawless circular door, and the harmony between the unique lines around the door and the minimized control panel area showcases the epitome of simplicity.

This is the image on top of the black Samsung Grande AI with the JOG dial highlighted.

The Aesthetics of Fine Details

The meticulous efforts of designers are apparent throughout the product. The Samsung Grande AI features exceptional quality of finish by finely refining the Parting Line that is inevitably formed where components are fused together during the manufacturing process. This immaculate Parting Line, which was made possible by countless attempts to achieve its level of master craftsmanship, conveys a perceptive presence through its harmonious singularity with the control panel that is less in volume and without any superfluous decorations. The Deco-Line that goes on each side below the control panel features a balanced and simple design that looks as if a separate plane is drawn in, satisfying both practical and aesthetic needs to bring balance throughout the product.

This is a superimposed image of Samsung Grande AI, expressed as an illustration.

Considerations That Eliminate Limits

The advancement of machinery and changes in everyday life led to the conception of various methods of placement for washers and dryers. Based on different usage environments, these two appliances may be placed side-by-side or stacked on top of each other in the laundry room. The Samsung Grande AI allows users to control the dryer through the washer’s control panel that syncs with the dryer when it is placed vertically on top of the washer. The dryer course function that can be automatically set when the wash cycle is finished makes doing laundry an easy, convenient, and ultimately joyful activity for users.

This is a Samsung Grande AI top image expressed only in silhouettes in a dark background.

The Concise Technology of Reducing and Supplementing

The Concise Technology of Reducing and Supplementing

Since we wear clothes every day, doing laundry is a necessary task. That is why it must be easy and simple. Through extensive user research, designers reached the conclusion that most users utilize three to four cycles on laundry appliances rather than using the multitude of available functions. Based on this insight, the control panel that was once completely filled with information has been drastically simplified to offer straightforward and comfortable controls. Information has become clearer and friendlier than ever, providing a convenient, user-focused laundry experience that enriches their daily lives

This is a black Samsung Grande AI top image with a bright background and a good view of the product's.

Focus Instead of Choice

Various washing and drying cycles are provided to satisfy a wide range of users’ needs. However, most users utilize just three to four of those options* and the frequency of using additional functions are even lower.* The Samsung Grande AI presents the simplest laundry experience with a control panel that offers only necessary information to operate the appliance rather than listing every single available function. The familiar and intuitive jog dial provides simple controls that help users easily and quickly choose the functions they need without having to worry about the changes made to the way the machine is operated. * Usage frequency is based on the user research of Samsung washing machines.

This image shows Samsung Grande AI connected to a mobile phone.

Solely Dedicated to You

User environments for doing laundry vary greatly for different people, as we each lead diverse and unique lifestyles. The Samsung Grande AI provides a My Cycle List feature that enables users to select and save their desired cycles for a personally-tailored laundry experience. This intuitive consideration of allowing users to select their preferred options as the first choice makes interacting with the simple control panel a smooth and effortless experience.

This image shows the user's convenience functions with the Samsung Grande AI control panel.

Intuitive Usage

The Samsung Grande AI elevates the standards of operation. Instead of displaying incomprehensible error codes when something isn’t functioning properly, a clear and friendly explanation that is easily understandable is presented. It has well-rounded features, from providing a guide that informs users of an open door to intelligently injecting the right amount of detergent and fabric softener based on the size of the load. Intuitive and coherent guides serve as friendly directions that transform laundry time from a laborious chore to a delightful experience.

This is an image of a white Grande with a door open on the right.

Returning to the Essence

Returning to the Essence

The concept of home appliances is based on the idea of making our lives more convenient. The particular needs that arose in different times led to washers and dryers reflecting the lifestyles of users, and eventually culminated to today’s ideal state. The Samsung Grande AI learns from every little action we take, memorizing it and responding in thoughtfulness. To offer an easier and more convenient way to wash and dry our clothes, it considers the true meaning that laundry has in our daily lives.

This is the top image of a shiny black Grande-Ai.

Ownership That Grows with Every Use

Even if it’s the same cycle, the precise options for doing laundry may differ for each user. For a normal cycle, some may prefer lower temperatures, while others might want to add another spin. The Samsung Grande AI remembers and learns from the laundry habits of users, placing the often-used cycles and options as the primary selection in the list to completely reflect our laundry preferences. The more you use it, the more it resembles your daily life and wholly becomes your dedicated washer and dryer.

This image shows the laundry function as an icon.

Reliable Recommendations

Personalized recommendations that are made in light of constantly changing situations become more reliable the more we take advantage of them. The Samsung Grande AI recommends additional rinse cycles on smoggy or cloudy days and asks users whether to set the spin speed to the highest on rainy days. It proposes the most necessary cycles based on the environment, serving as a faithfully dependable confidant when it comes to doing laundry.

This is Illustrated image showing machine management notification of Grande-ai and cellular phone interworking function.

Visible Credibility

The responsibility of keeping track of important maintenance schedules to manage the product can be handed off to the Samsung Grande AI. It automatically detects and recommends the appropriate schedules to conduct Freeze Protection during cold winters or activate the Self Clean Alarm and Clean Heat Exchanger. Users can check the status of the washer and dryer with not only the control panel but through a mobile app as well, which eliminates any concerns of missing important dates to maintain the appliance.

This is Door image with silhouettes highlighted in a dark background.

As the experience of doing laundry is closely intertwined with our daily lives, it should be consistent with its universal usage. The insights discovered by the keen observations of the designers and the bold attempts to make these ideas a reality transformed the act of laundry into the easiest experience of our day-to-day lives. We hope the simple ways of life will continue on with the Samsung Grande AI that takes away the unnecessary to fulfill its maximum potential.

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