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Galaxy S8 Effect
Galaxy S8 Exterior
The bezel-less silhouette of Galaxy S8’s exterior


Galaxy S8 Design Story

Innovation means breaking away from familiarity. It is about changing the way
we see and use things, which has the power to transform the way we live and think.
Instead of another addition to the lineup of generic smartphones,
we present a completely renewed and unique design of the Galaxy S8.


New value created from
one single design

The Galaxy S8 is a manifestation of holistic oneness.
Elements that felt needlessly mechanical have been eliminated to only
focus on the essence of the device itself, which resulted in a design
that merges the user and device as one. Extraordinary technology serves
as an innovative silhouette of the device as well as gives
users extended experiences.

  • Multiple Galaxy S8’s stand in unison to display a continuous image

    Infinity Display

    The Galaxy S8 uses the entire front panel as its display, leaving
    a powerful silhouette that surpasses the limits of current devices.
    The Home button has been removed to utilize its technical space
    to expand user space and shatter the boundary between the device
    and the real world. The 18.5:9 screen ratio maximizes immersion
    and leads users to new experiences.

  • A grip
    made from curves

    A grip is defined by how well a device’s curves fit in a hand.
    The subtle curvature of the device’s front, back, and middle
    convene at each of the edges to form a perfect symmetry,
    thereby virtually eliminating the bezel.
    The curves are harmoniously synchronized with the rounded
    edges to fit comfortably in a user’s hand.

    • Galaxy S8 is held in one hand
    • Galaxy S8 is held in one hand
    • The back side of Galaxy S8
    • An image of curves showing perfect symmetry

    Glass flowing
    like streams of water

    The glass material has a glossy finish that naturally blends
    in with the scene, rendering a brilliant reflection of
    the world around you even while the device is off.
    The flow of the glass material and the hidden rear camera
    lens creates a sense of unified fluidity of the Galaxy S8 design.


Capturing the beauty of
both harmony and individuality

Complicated, multi-layered connections and nuances are
prevalent throughout our society and culture.
Boundaries have diminished among various fields and
the desire to be unbiased about a particular region, gender,
or age is growing larger. The Galaxy S8 design is about
maintaining a natural balance that suits well with anyone,
instead of striving to appeal to specific preferences.

    1. The colors of Galaxy S8 viewed from the back
    2. The colors of Galaxy S8 viewed from the back
    3. The colors of Galaxy S8 viewed from the back
    4. The colors of Galaxy S8 viewed from the back
    5. The colors of Galaxy S8 viewed from the back

    Neutral colors

    Neutral colors blend in with our lives effortlessly
    due to its balanced nature. Neutral colors provide
    comfort by lowering the intensity of color saturation,
    and at times can also create unforeseen beauty as
    light touches the glass in various angles.

    Midnight Black has great depth and is reminiscent of solid onyx, emphasizing a strong
    sense of unity. The warm vibes of Arctic Silver and the golden profundity of Maple
    Gold preserve the integrity of their original colors while bringing out the natural ease
    of neutral colors. The calm and mysterious Orchid Gray and the muted brightness of
    Coral Blue that is a reinterpretation of youthful sensibilities are colors that are trendy
    yet balanced.

  • The cover made from Alcantara material

    Accessories attract just as much attention as the device. The case
    is made from Alcantara, a material that is soft yet doesn’t show signs
    of wear and tear even after prolonged use. It fits in the palm easily
    and exudes a sophisticated aura.

    harmonizing with
    all spaces
    and circumstances

  • The translucent clear-cover

    The translucent cover mixes and matches with the colors
    of the Galaxy S8 and brings unexpected beauty into existence.

  • Various silicone covers showing vivid colors

    The silicone cover boasts vivid colors which are representative of the millennial generation.
    With its flexible and unconstrained design, the Galaxy S8 becomes an object of everyday life
    that adapts to any space or circumstance.


A unified language
of design spoken
from the inside out

A product loses its sense of unity when the external hardware design and the internal software interface
design aren't cohesive. Only when a product feels cohesive can its design provide stability to the users.
Galaxy S8’s innovative exterior speaks a single language of design that seamlessly connect from the inside
to the outside, and again from the outside to the inside.

  • Visual experiences
    stemming from
    first impressions

    Starting from the user’s initial interaction with the
    Always on Display to the Lock and Home screen,
    ambient visual effects of a galaxy are displayed throughout.
    This beautiful first impression gently flows in the background
    while the user interacts with the Galaxy S8. A series of
    wallpapers based on differing CMF and mood as well as
    the interactive galaxy effects respond differently to new angles
    providing a sense of infinite expansion and continuation
    that is felt both from the exterior and within the display.

  • One Continuous

    The Galaxy S8 Home screen features a totally new design,
    including icons, search bar, and even weather widgets,
    that altogether provide a sleek impression to its users.
    The icons are designed using a concept called ‘Light & Line’,
    which cuts a part of the visual line so that real life shadows
    and light are mimicked. Users can feel One Continuous
    Experience from the new soft Home button to the icons in the
    display that all speak a single language of design.

    Users can move to apps from the Home screen using
    a simple vertical swipe. It provides an easier and more
    intuitive accessibility than previous Home screens
    by unifying all methods of editing displays and offering
    multi-selection modes.

    The design of new icons


The beginning of a renewed
interface that understands its user

Over the past decade, interactions with smartphones
have mostly been touch-based. We introduce an evolved
next generation interface, Bixby, that responds to both
touch and voice. Users can freely and seamlessly choose
the way they want to interact based on their environment.
Pressing the newly added button on the left side of the device
will provide optimized information, and speaking to the device
while holding the button will understand the user’s rhythm
and pace to get the task done. Bixby is constantly evolving,
so the longer users interact with it the more Bixby becomes an
essential confidant of our daily lives.

  • Bixby understands and
    takes care of you

    Bixby analyzes voice patterns and provides information in a card format
    that is appropriate to the context. When you turn on Bixby while heading
    home after work, it will display a calendar card about family gatherings,
    or a contact card of a close friend you speak to at that time. Users can
    retrieve needed information from each card without having to access
    the app every time.

    The operating screenof Hello Bixby
    1. No need for perfect

      Accessing all features through touch alone isn’t necessary.
      Bixby is equipped to provide voice responding functions
      that previously only have been accessed through touch.
      A more natural voice interaction is enabled through
      Partial Landing technology that comprehends users’
      commands from the given context, and fills in the gaps
      by presenting additional options.

      1. Partial Landing screen of Bixby
      2. A 2nd view of Bixby’s Partial Landing screen
      3. A 3rd view of Bixby’s Partial Landing screen
      4. A 3rd view of Bixby’s Partial Landing screen
    2. Seeing more than
      what is visible

      Bixby can recognize images the user is seeing and provide
      relevant information. Users can press the Bixby Vision icon
      while turning on the camera or looking at an image
      from the gallery to prompt a search regarding a product
      or place that is shown on the screen or even recognize
      and translate text.

      1. Bixby Vision
      2. Bixby Vision
      3. Bixby Vision
    3. Bixby, telling you
      what’s needed

      Record any content or task you want to remember later
      through Bixby to have it remind you later. Whether it's a
      reminder to watch a video when you get home or simply
      to do your laundry, just save the information on Reminder
      and Bixby will keep you on track.

      1. Bixby Reminder
      2. Bixby Reminder
      3. Bixby Reminder
      4. Bixby Reminder
      5. Bixby Reminder

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  • Galaxy S8 standing among neutral objects

    An expanded experience
    that transcends beyond
    the mobile into our daily lives

    The next generation Bixby interface extends beyond the mobile environment.
    The Galaxy S8 provides users a computing experience similar to a PC through
    Samsung DeX, and with Samsung Connect,* users can also control Samsung home
    appliances and SmartThings IoT devices released in 2017. Users can consistently
    continue on with their mobile experiences that extend into their daily lives.

    *Samsung Connect is available in selected countries only.

The Galaxy S8 pushes boundaries and overcomes limits
to create a single, unified design that is more straightforward
and concise than any other tool that has ever been held in our
hands. All experiences come into unison through the Galaxy S8,
helping users advance toward discovering a new meaning
of their daily lives.