Encounter With Innovation
Obvious relationships and connections do not perk interest. Unexpected links tickle our curiosity and arouse
our creativity. When those relationships connect and create a new catharsis that is the cusp of innovation.
That’s why innovative design is difficult and successful solutions few and far between.
Strong yet flexible, simple and futuristic, cutting edge with a human touch.
Striving for innovative design through the juxtaposition of emotional value and advanced technology.
Start From Zero
Sheer luck doesn’t produce innovative results - starting from scratch, making mistakes
steers us ever closer to new breakthroughs in innovation. Everything from zero!
Samsung’s design approach begins today as it has for decades.

Design That Shines Brightest in Hand

Pick up a Galaxy S6/S6 Edge. Let it gleam in the light and grip it in your hands. The metal finish and glass screen give it an
impression unexpressed in image or words. Despite the contrasting materials, it feels perfectly matched and ‘just right’.
This isn’t only ergonomic design but a design that infuses the attributes of materials. The glass screen, prone to shatter is
protected at the edges with the metal frame, while the glass edges open up connection frequencies for better communication.
A minute layer of nano patterns adds the finishing touch Optical Layer for that extra sense of detail as well as protection.

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aurora aurora aurora aurora aurora

Realistic Vivid Color

The mystery and beauty of the Aurora Borealis lies in the depth of its color spectrum. Also its ever changing colors entices
the senses. The Galaxy S/S6 Edge conveys those same desires in its color range. The shimmer of colors, like water or light
is well expressed on the glass screen. The aura of colors come from the combination of glass with
technology utilized on the surface of the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge to enhance the display definition.

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Less is More

Reduction is more difficult than adding. Simple, easy, taking away needless steps -- providing an interface that is intuitive
and natural. Menu navigation is simple and painless with as least pop-up windows as possible. Words instead of icons to
allow quicker access to content, with function or category color coordinated application icons for intuitive selection.
The result? A more streamlined way of accessing what you need, when you need it.

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Interior & Exterior Infused

The internal organs and outer shell of a living organism are a naturally interconnected system.
The user experience of the Galaxy S6 Edge is intricately related to the design of the exterior. Look at the
unique screen design of the Galaxy 6 Edge: even when it’s turned over, the indirect Edge Lighting lets you
know discreetly you have a call or message and with People Edge, you can customize and set unique color
saturations for your contact list. A design experience that pushes the envelope of the edge screen,
an innovation already at the cutting edge.

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Meaningful Innovation

Galaxy S6/S6 Edge wasn’t designed in a day. For instance, the Galaxy S1 attempted
glass for the screen but it wasn’t until the S6 that the technology and know-how was
mastered. A persistence to achieve functional and aesthetic harmony through many
years of research and development is a basic yet principle attribute. An attribute that
Samsung is dedicated to achieve and expressed in the new Galaxy S6/ S6 Edge.

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