Samsung Flat Style Refrigerator Design Story
RB8000, RF8000, RS8000 These are 3 square images of refrigerator shape


Simplicity was considered bland and ordinary in a time when only never-before-seen
unique designs and brand-new technology were pinnacles of innovation. But what is the home
appliance design we need most in our daily lives today? Samsung Electronics found the answer
to this question in Flat Style, which is a way to understand and interpret the essence of
a product in terms of simplicity rather than complexity. Flat Style, the design on which
possibilities of diverse experiences for users are finely stacked up, is now redefined
beyond the dictionary definition of flatness.

Flat Style is


Flat Style first begins from minimalism, which is about seeking
completion in simplicity. The flat, handle-less refrigerator door reminds
us of the beauty inspired by simple lines and clear-cut surfaces. This is
the result of relentless contemplation on the essence of kitchen appliances
as a visual component that brings completion to the kitchen space.


This is an image of simply designed building.
This is the product image of RS8000.
This is the product image of RB8000.
Flat Style is


Flat Style pursues harmony with space. The straight lines of the wall, floor, and
kitchen counter become one with the flat frontal surface of the refrigerator.
The refrigerator’s size has been designed with the depth of the kitchen counter
in mind, so that the fridge fits in perfectly without any protrusions when it is
placed in the kitchen’s fridge cabinet. Furthermore, the refrigerator is designed
with convenience in mind, allowing users to comfortably open and close
the fridge door even when it’s placed inside the cabinet.


Flat Style is


Flat Style adds credibility to the kitchen with its sturdiness. A stainless-
steel finish has been applied over the exterior of the refrigerator,
which helps maintain exceptional durability and elevates the classiness
of the space it occupies with its exquisite and delicate glow. The handle
and internal shelves of the fridge have also been designed to continue
the metallic look and feel, altogether establishing a consistently solid
impression of the refrigerator overall.


This is an image of RF8000’s handle
This is an image of RF8000’s stainless steel finish
This is a image of building.
This is the product image of RS8000.
Flat Style is


Flat Style adds an aesthetic taste to kitchen appliances as if it were
a piece of sculpture. The exterior of the refrigerator has been instilled
with the aesthetic beauty that is derived from simple forms so that
its design blends well with modern interiors. The placement of the door
and handles that resemble the majestic skyline of high-rise buildings
creates an image of two pillars vertically stretching down to form
a Column design. With just the bare minimal combination of such simple
lines, you can feel a sense of great strength and exquisite class.


This is the product image of RB8000.
This is a image of building.
Flat Style is


Flat Style is a seamless flow that doesn’t miss a beat from the very
insides to the outer edges of the exterior. The Flat Style strives for
simplicity, and this notion is reflected in the fine details of the internal
design. The corners of the internal space are shaped closely to
a perpendicular angle to form a spatial form composed of straight lines,
which maintains the aesthetic simplicity of the exterior body. Simply
put, Flat Style makes the final touch on the consistent aesthetic appeal
that penetrates the product from the inside-out.


Flat Style is


Flat Style has been endlessly refined down to just its bare essence.
Controls that aren’t frequently used have been relocated to the inside
of the refrigerator to remain out of sight. The water dispenser is also
simplified to only feature buttons for frequently used functions such as
choosing between water or selections of ice, while the rest of the functions
are combined with the internal display.


This is the image of RF8000’s water dispenser
This is an image of simple square.
TThis is a image of building.
This is the product image of R8000
Flat Style is


Flat Style is packed with considerate designs that enhance usability.
The RB8000’s Kitchen-fit design minimizes the thickness of
the refrigerator door while securing 100L more in max capacity
compared to other refrigerators of the same size. In addition,
the RS8000’s slanted shelf handles are applied with oblique strokes
for users to comfortably pull the shelves without hurting their wrists.


This is an image of straight lined wall.

Timeless Beauty of
Flat Style Design

In a world filled with unconventional, unique ideas and over-to-top expressions,
the power of simplicity becomes more prominent. Samsung Electronics strives for functional
designs that express beauty in the essence of things and simplicity conveyed through
perfect form that prioritizes the fundamentals. Samsung Electronics’ definition of
the Flat Style is a kitchen appliance that organically communicates and harmonizes with
its space through pure and timeless simplicity that is free of all complications.