Keeping Children
Safe and Happy

Hoping for a Joyful Future with Children
This is a graphic image of refrigerator, washing machine, induction, SmartThings Tracker, and air conditioning.
Are You Living with a Child?

When a child is born, everything changes. The stairs you take each day will suddenly seem too steep, and choosing home appliances and furniture becomes a meticulous process. Your home is no longer a place exclusively for adults.
The design for a delightful and harmonious cohabitation with children first begins from the thoughtful consideration of children as members of the family. This profound care and contemplation are instilled in the appliances we interact with each day, such as the refrigerator, washing machine, or air conditioner.

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This is an image of a child, a mother, and a father smiling together.

With the Heart of a Parent

With the Heart of a Parent

Parents are constantly concerned about their child, whether it is about touching a dangerous object or getting into an accident because of their curiosity. Samsung Electronics proposes improvements to various situations that can potentially threat the safety of children.

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It’s Okay to Be Curious

Digital or kitchen appliances that are necessary in the household may sometimes cause dangerous incidents. For such situations, a locking system that activates with a touch of a button to protect children can be helpful. The Samsung Induction Cooktop can be completely locked using the control panel, so that the cooktop surface won’t activate when someone accidently touches the panel. You can also set the child protection function when operating washing machines or dryers to deactivate all buttons other than the power button, eliminating concerns about children pressing any buttons on these appliances.

This is a picture of the back of a child with a bag on it.
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This is picture of the SmartThings Tracker.

Wherever You Are

When your child is out of sight, you get worried whether they will follow a stranger or get lost. The Samsung SmartThings Tracker alleviates this concern. This tiny object, as small as half the size of a credit card and weighing only 25g, can be attached to a child’s clothing or bag and linked to a mobile app to provide real-time location tracking. It is water-resistant, so rain won’t be a concern, and its battery life lasts up to a week making it useful during prolonged periods outside such as traveling.

This is an image of baby care washer and a graphic image of a water droplet pattern.

Sensitive and Meticulous

Optimal temperatures, a clean environment, and thorough hygiene management are basics of caring for children. The Samsung Wind-Free air conditioner can finely control the temperature without blowing air directly against your skin, protecting your child from overexposure of air-conditioning.
For all your child’s clothes that you want to completely sterilize at every chance you get, you’ll find the Samsung Baby Care washer to be a solution for your worries. It thoroughly washes clothes with its unique cycle for delicate laundry, and you can add up to 6 rinse cycles to take your mind off any detergent residue. Laundry that require extra hygienic care, like baby diapers or handkerchiefs, can be washed with high temperature sanitization to eliminate up to 99% of germs and bacteria.

This is a picture of two little children playing in the house.

Wearing the Shoes of a Child

Wearing the Shoes of a Child

A child learns more each day by seeing, hearing, and sensing. Samsung Electronics explores designs that meet eye-to-eye with children to nurture their imagination and emotional capacity while helping them feel included as part of the family.

This image shows the heart picture on the family board at the top of the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator. There is a vertical pattern graphic to the left and right of the refrigerator.

One Step Closer

The Samsung Family Hub is a medium that supports communication within a family through various contents such as music, memos, and photo albums. The all-new Family Hub features improved usability that helps the entire family utilize these functions more proactively. There is a side navigation bar that can be moved up and down on the screen so that smaller children can reach it easily. Font size can be enlarged for better legibility, and information are presented through images instead of text for children to easily and conveniently enjoy the contents.

This is Samsung refrigerator F9000 and it is checked by dot graphic in the Kids Zone area at the bottom.
This is Samsung refrigerator F9000 and it is checked by dot graphic in the Kids Zone area at the bottom.

Easily, Without Assistance

It’s good to dedicate a portion of the kitchen for children to satisfy their curiosity and develop autonomy through small accomplishments. The Samsung F9000 refrigerator has a kids zone located beneath the food showcase so that smaller children can open and close the fridge door as much as they want. You can place milk, drinks, or your child’s favorite snacks and meals in the kids zone for them to help themselves without any hassle.

Mobile Kids Home icons are synthesized into mobile devices, followed by a variety of shapes and image graphic patterns in the background.

Learning While Playing

A smartphone can become a great friend for children that leads to a new world. Samsung Electronics provides Kids Home, a service that protects children from harmful content and helps them discover beneficial and interesting contents in the digital world. You can easily switch over to Kids Home with a simple tap on the quick panel on your phone. Cute characters and a friendly UI specifically designed to cater to children will capture your child’s attention, and fun contents like educational coding games and drawing will stimulate their imagination and creativity.

This is a graphic image of refrigerator, washing machine, induction, SmartThings Tracker, and air conditioning.

A thoughtful design embodies Samsung Electronics’ sincere desire for children to be safe and healthy while growing-up, enjoying each day with happiness and joy. This kind of design isn’t just about being convenient and beautiful. It is also about having heartfelt empathy for a parent’s love for their child and deeply understanding the perspectives of children to convey a sense of genuine kindness to everyone.