Design Story of DAQI Samsung Premium Phone for China

The notion of Premium in China

The unique hierarchy that exists in Chinese society is a point of pride for its citizens, allowing them to retain their cultural heritage. Rather than basing the concept of ‘Premium’ on rapidly changing trends, the Chinese base their concept of ‘Premium’ on the thousands of years of their unchanged ideology and respect for the arts. Samsung recognized the need for products based on China’s distinctive cultural identity and have been creating premium flip smart phones with unique characteristics as part of their ‘W Series’ since 2006.

Chinese people use ‘DAQI’ as a word to describe the humans, objects and designs that are sophisticated or have a high level of quality and value. Samsung Electronics interpreted the idea of ‘DAQI’ using 4 distinct design themes (Spatiality, harmony with nature, rationality and history) that were used when they began creating a China-specific premium flip smart phone in 2006. The W-Series evolves every year with a new design that embraces current trends.

Evolution of W series

The designs of the W Series are consistently evolving while maintaining their basic flip phone form.

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