This is the product image of the built-in refrigerator BRR9000M.

The Brilliant
of the Kitchen

Luxury Built-in Refrigerator BRR9000M Design Story

This is the product image of the built-in refrigerator BRR9000M.

This is the product image of the built-in refrigerator BRR9000M.

The space of a modern kitchen is
no longer limited to cooking and dining.

The meaning of a kitchen has evolved hand-in-hand with our everchanging
lifestyles and has now become a place in which you invite guests over for
a shared meal or enjoy a moment of peace with a cup of tea. We focused on
a refrigerator that functions as a pivotal point of a kitchen which is exposed
to anyone who enters the kitchen. We hereby introduce the BRR9000M,
a refrigerator that utterly satisfies the increasing standards of our users’
tastes and sensibilities, while acting as the perfect host that inspires
conversation and illuminates our lifestyles with luxurious style.

This is an image of the kitchen with the built-in refrigerator BRR9000M in it.

High-end Design

that Blends into Any Space

The BRR9000M features a stylish Column Type design and easily harmonizes with any spatial
environment. It transcends the identity of a simple home appliance and establishes itself as
an elegant objet that redefines the look and feel of a classy kitchen.

This is an image that shows the material of the built-in refrigerator BRR9000M.
This is an image that shows the material of the built-in refrigerator BRR9000M.

A Soft Glow of Elegance

With stainless-steel material as its base, the color, texture,
and finishing of the BRR9000M have been delicately refined to
match its profound and sensational high-class appeal. The two
colors of the BRR9000M are elegant silver and chic graphite,
which both offer enduring and timeless values through a soft
and impressionable glow. With a refrigerator that beautifully
harmonizes with any appliance or tool, the kitchen has become
so much more than a simple place of cooking but is now
a special space that shines with new meaning.

This is an image of the kitchen with the built-in refrigerator BRR9000M in it.

A Unique Presence
that Permeates
into Space

Great interior design starts from compatibility and harmony. The BRR9000M comfortably blends into
the wall and naturally integrates itself with other home appliances and kitchen tools with its delicate
appeal. Users can freely choose the width of the product from 18 inches (approx. 45 cm) to 36 inches
(approx. 91 cm) based on their spatial needs and install the refrigerator as close as 4~5mm in between
the walls to bring a stylish and symphonious completion to their kitchen interior.

This is an image of the built-in refrigerator BRR9000M’ handle.

Unwavering Credibility
Felt in the Palm of Your Hands

The handle serves as both the beginning and end of a user’s
encounter with a refrigerator. To further enhance the quality
of the product, we fashioned fine detail even into the handle.
The top portion that features a smoothly leveled line seamlessly
leads to the soft curvature of the side, altogether creating
an expression of a modern look and feel. On top of that, the strong
presence of the handle fills up your hand with a sense of stability
every time you open or close the refrigerator door.

This is the product image of the Built-in Refrigerator BRR9000M.

This is the product image of the Built-in Refrigerator BRR9000M.

Design that Brilliantly

Illuminates Your Lifestyle

When gauging just by its outer appearance, the BRR9000M’s presence in a kitchen is silent,
refined, and reserved. But on the flipside, you will discover an unfathomable depth of effort
and profound consideration for users that have been put into the product for it to ascend as
a state-of-the-art appliance. Once you open the BRR9000M, the kitchen instantly transforms
into a space in which you can experience a sublime lifestyle defined by the highest standards.

This is an image that shows a glass of water with ice and lime, a bottle of water with lime.

  • This is an image that shows the internal design of the built-in refrigerator BRR9000M.
  • This is an image that shows the door bin of the built-in refrigerator BRR9000M.

Achieved through
Congenial Fit

We pondered deeply to figure out an internal layout that can efficiently organize different food
ingredients and containers while maintaining an immaculate look. The internal design of the BRR9000M
is built with a solid and balanced mixture of various materials such as stainless-steel, aluminum, and glass.

The far end of the shelves utilizes stainless-steel to preserve lower temperatures for longer periods,
which helps keep food supplies fresh. The plates of each shelf are made of glass for a look of openness and
the heights are adjustable for better convenience. The Door Bin that is attached to the door makes use of
tempered glass to give visibility of its contents to users. The glass is reinforced with an aluminum finish
on the side and corner areas to boost durability and prevent cracks or shattering when the bin is accessed.
We’ve also applied the lower compartments that are used to store perishables with tinted glass to achieve
a spotless and sleek look. The BRR9000M’s internal layout has been designed with a compatible combination
of different materials that come together to create a fine harmonic balance, and in this balance lies
the thoughtful consideration towards users that signaled the conception of this design.

This is an image that shows the lighting of the built-in refrigerator BRR9000M.

Smoother Surface,
Brighter Lighting

We wanted every ordinary moment spent in the kitchen
to become special. The wonderfully bright luminescence
you see once you open the refrigerator door will transform
your refrigerator from a simple food storage device into
a brilliant display of your fridge’s contents. This unique
lighting is an example of Samsung’s cutting-edge
technology, as it illuminates the inside of the refrigerator
without producing any shadow thanks to the three conjoined
sides on the top portion that form a smooth surface without
interruptions. The experience of opening the door of
the BRR9000M puts a brilliant spotlight on each moment
you spend in the kitchen.

Mindfulness that
Enhances Usability

A new way of using the refrigerator can be experienced through the hidden display. Since refrigerator settings
are seldom adjusted, the control panel has been designed to feature only minimum information as default.
Detailed controls are only visible once you press the Control Lock button for more than 3 seconds, which allows
the product to always maintain a visually clean look. The panel has also been placed near the average waist height of
an adult for easier access of its controls and information, further adding convenience to the daily lives of our users.

  • This is an image of the hidden display inside the built-in refrigerator BRR9000M.
  • This is an image of the detailed control panel inside built-in refrigerator BRR9000M.
This is an image of the camera inside the built-in refrigerator BRR9000M.

The door is equipped with dual cameras that connect to a wireless network through which it can send real-time
photographs of the refrigerator. Users can check the contents in the fridge at any time even when they are away
from home through the mobile app, which provides another added layer of convenience to their day-to-day lives.

Thoughtfulness Embedded
Even in a Single Ice Cube

The dual auto ice maker can create either basic ice or a transparent
crystal-clear ice for cocktails. Cocktail ice is larger than basic ice
and melts down at a slower rate which makes it perfect for home
parties. This consideration for users with fine taste manifests as
a special moment in the everyday lives of our users.

This is the product image of the built-in refrigerator BRR9000M.

The worth of genuine high-end class is revealed naturally and effortlessly.
The BRR9000M expands the bounds of our high-class experience and elevates
the quality and elegance of our lifestyles through its sophisticated merge into
our living spaces. The marvelously exquisite details that live and breathe in every
aspect of the BRR9000M, along with its deeply considerate and beautiful functions
will altogether saturate your kitchen with unprecedented wonder and joy. * Detailed product specs and release dates differ by country or region.