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Samsung BESPOKE Refrigerator Design Story

This is an animated video that shows the design concept of Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator.

There is a refrigerator that openly expresses the characteristics of different life styles and invigorates the appeal of a taste-driven life. The Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator breathes life into the unique preferences and sentimentalities of each person’s day-to-day activities in the kitchen.

Choice Driven by Preference

Nowadays, people enjoy having their tastes reflected in not only furniture and home appliances but in simple items such as a cup or utensil. “Before our focus was on necessities, but now we’d rather purchase items that best suit our individual styles. Instead of compromising within the scope of function or design, we now gravitate toward our unique tastes. The focal point has shifted from the manufacturer to the individual.” The designer for the Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator pointed out that the motivation of purchase is changing from ‘function’ to the ‘self.’

This is an image of lots of glass bottles and glass cups.
This is an image of a variety of ingredients on the wood table.

A Self-expressive Refrigerator

It’s been a hundred years since the first refrigerator entered our homes, and the fridge had been a sturdy six-sided home appliance that took over a large area of space in the kitchen. Over the course of time, consumer patterns have changed. Preference and personal tastes are now at the center-point where practicality and convenience used to be. Samsung Electronics ingeniously instilled two ideas into the refrigerator design; ‘Customization’ that adheres to any disposition and ‘Combination’ that lets users add or take out based on their needs. The result is the Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator.

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Your Style, Your Way

Your Style, Your Way

The refrigerator. A home appliance that poses a significant effect on the kitchen’s atmosphere with its large volume and area. Now, instead of choosing from countless generic refrigerators, you can personally pin-point your favorite color and material that are customer tailored to your taste.

This is an image of changeable door panel.

The Logic for Change

This structure allows you to insert or take out panels in the base door that serves as the basic frame. This is made possible by the four-direction trapping structure located behind the panel. The base door is designed to wrap around the panel and is reinforced by buffer material in-between to securely fasten the panel and prevent any gaps. “As there are various panel colors and materials available, we wanted to keep the base door as simple as possible to find a holistic balance throughout the entire form.”

The image shown is for illustration purpose only.
These are images showing various combinations of Samsung Bespoke refrigerator placed in the different spaces.

Embracing Color

The fridge is no longer limited to white and gray colors. “You can choose the color that matches the tone of your kitchen as if choosing paint from a color palette. Pastel tones work well for a bright kitchen, gray tones are good for a modern kitchen, and wood tones suit kitchens with a natural look. You can also create one-of-a-kind looks for your kitchen using bright yellow or coral. You won’t have to make the tiresome effort of searching for the best color that perfectly fits your kitchen.”

This are images of materials used in the door panel.
This are images of materials used in the door panel.
This are images of materials used in the door panel.

Harmony Within Space

Materials like sturdy metal and smooth glass are obvious choices. From polished Satin Glass that maintains the balance between matte and glossiness, Colour Cotta that will remind you of the warmth of a clay pot that had just been taken out of a kiln, to Glam Mirror that gorgeously illuminates the space it occupies. The Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator boasts diversity in curation even for material and finishes, giving new meaning to space like a well-placed furniture.

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Many Different Answers

Many Different Answers

Structural combinations of refrigerators differ based on peoples’ unique needs. The Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator provides five types of platforms that can be combined in various ways to always offer the perfect solution for our lifestyles.

This is an illustrated image of 5 platform types of Samsung Bespoke refrigerator.

Five Platforms

“Not everyone needs a large double-door refrigerator. Some people will need a fridge that stores kimchi, and others may need a fridge that only has a freezer.” The Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator comes in five types that can each present a solution to different people. From the 4-door T type, 3-door type, 2-door type, to the 1-door type, each type is available in two widths of 24-inch and 18-inch.

This is an image that shows the flexibility of combination.

Transform to Your Heart’s Content

When your life goes through change, you don’t have to toss out whatever you’ve been using to replace it with something brand-new. You can simply add in what you need. “You can use the 1-door type when you’re single, and later add an extra 1-door type to use as a double-door fridge when you get married. When you find yourself needing an extra storage for food because of your growing child , simply add a 3-door type that can set different refrigeration temperatures. You can also open the fridge door in both left or right directions, which allows you to flexibly combine different fridge types.” Since all five types have equal height, they will always look harmonious as if bought together from the beginning.

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The Perfect Match

The fridge looks built-in even though it isn’t. As if destined to be there, it has a perfect fit that ties the kitchen together.

This is an illustrated image of door design minimizing the gap between the product and its surrounding wall when the door is opened or closed.

The Technology of Opening and Closing

“Since refrigerator doors are normally thick and the protruding hinges interfere with the wall or cabinets when the door is opened, it is difficult to widely open the fridge door. That’s why for refrigerators with thick doors, you have to slightly pull the doors out of the cabinet.” The Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator slimmed down the doors to a thickness of only 52mm and finely trimmed the angle and axis of rotation. This design minimized the gap between the product and its surrounding wall when the door is opened or closed, making it possible for its effortless fit into the kitchen cabinet.

This is an image of refrigerator perfectly fitted into the kitchen cabinet.

The Perfect Fit

The Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator breaks the preconception toward non-built-in home appliances. “We designed the refrigerator based on the width and depth of standard kitchen cabinets. That is why each side of the fridge doesn’t stick out like a free standing or counter depth refrigerator. The door won’t be blocked by nearby furniture or the wall even when opened, so you can perfectly place it into the cabinet.” Even though it’s not built-in, this refrigerator neatly blends into its surroundings as if it was a built-in product, creating a wondrously tidy space.

This is a graphic image of a variety of colors and squares.

The way of choosing and utilizing a refrigerator will now experience a bold transition. People can choose the perfect Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator that best match their preferences and will witness the transformation it goes through as their lives change over time. The heartfelt considerations of the designer are at the center of this design, which is wholly and faithfully dedicated to the customer.

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