Six Sides
of the Cube

Samsung BESPOKE Cube Refrigerator Design Story
This is a key visual image of Samsung Bespoke Cube refrigerator.

Since its invention in 1834, the refrigerator remains largely unchanged for over 180 years. The core function of maintaining the freshness of food ingredients and the fixed position in a kitchen are attributes that still define the refrigerator. Out of the numerous home appliances, the refrigerator is one that carries a consistent role until this day.
Samsung observes home appliances in a different perspective. Instead of adhering to the usual framework of home appliances, Samsung aspires for a home appliance that can expand its role to become a furniture or objet. This product will approach users as a component of everyday life that affects the space in homes and daily routines while retaining functionality and aesthetic appeal.
Users have already experienced a refrigerator that reflects their individuality and taste through the Samsung BESPOKE. This time, the inherent role of the refrigerator will change based on user lifestyles and habits. Here are the six sides of the tailored experience presented by the Samsung BESPOKE Cube.

* Images are simulated and for illustration purpose only. The actual product may differ from the images shown in this content.

It is like an independent piece of furniture that easily fits anywhere.

This is the image of two BESPOKE Cube refrigerators stacked.

The Cube

A cube is the most basic form in a three-dimensional space. A simple and neat form emanates a sense of completeness and makes assembly easy and stable. Samsung Electronics took the essence and potential of the cube and first applied it to the Cube Wind-Free air purifier design. An air purifier must be located in the middle of an open space to efficiently circulate air, and a cube was the most ideal form to achieve this purpose.
A refrigerator is like a storage cabinet used for preserving food for a long duration. In order to easily remove or store lots of food, the backside of the refrigerator must be against the wall like a storage unit. But storing items at low temperatures is not just limited to perishables like vegetables, meat, or dairy products. Samsung Electronics designed a refrigerator that preserves other items that require optimal temperatures to stay at best conditions, like cosmetics that can easily spoil or wine that is sensitive to temperature. As the contents of the fridge change, the refrigerator’s location goes beyond the confines of the kitchen. The cube was again chosen as the most suitable form for flexible arrangements that can harmonize with any space.

My Own Collection

People love to take good care of their precious items and dream of putting them on impressive displays. Many wine enthusiasts desire to have their own wine cellar. Most people won’t be able to own a cellar in the basement of a Chateau in Bordeaux, but a wine refrigerator is a realistic alternative. And for people who are concerned about the deterioration of cosmetics due to warmer weather, a mini cosmetics fridge can provide a small but spoil-proof happiness.
As the lifestyles of people become diverse, the concept of storage and the types of items stored constantly changes. The current generation enjoys cultivating and collecting items that adheres to their preferences and dispositions. The Samsung BESPOKE Cube offers an experience through which users can display their favorite cosmetics, beer, or wine to their liking. Users will find joy in expressing their unique tastes by managing and storing items that have personal meaning.

These are images of the BESPOKE cube refrigerator with items suitable for use.

I used to store cosmetics but as my interest in wine grew, I replaced the internal module with one that supports wine bottles.

These are images of BESPOKE cube refrigerator module design.

Modular Design

Depending on the items stored, the Samsung BESPOKE Cube provides replaceable modular storage units that are tailored to diverse types of items like wine, cosmetics, and beverages. The differences of storage method and proportions between these products make it difficult to utilize just a single storage module. Designers applied a replaceable modular design to the Samsung BESOKE Cube to deliver optimal storage experiences for different items while maintaining a consistent appearance. Once the module is replaced, a cosmetics fridge becomes a wine cellar, and a wine cellar can just as easily become a beer refrigerator to deliver practical experiences to users. Additionally, this modular design can flexibly adapt to users’ change in preference over time, providing customized experiences for every need at any time.

Anywhere, Everywhere

When the only purpose of a refrigerator is to store food, there is no reason for the fridge to be placed outside of a kitchen. However, when the contents of the refrigerator change, the location must also be reconsidered. Cosmetics are usually found in the bedroom, while wine can be conveniently reached when stored in the living room. When the refrigerator can be freely placed wherever in your home, it becomes important to be harmonious with other furniture in the house. The Samsung BESPOKE Cube has been designed to be compacted in size to easily relocate and install the fridge anywhere. Its simple and refined form feels appropriate when placed at the center of any space or even on top of a table.
It can also be placed in bedrooms or studies since it produces little noise. The dedicated stand and the merging accessory that can securely fasten two stacked refrigerators help users freely place the appliances based on their interior layout. The Samsung BESPOKE Cube naturally permeates within the interior of your home while revealing its presence in a calm and subtle manner.

These are images that show BESPOKE cube refrigerator naturally blended into the home space.

It blends well with any interior space since every little detail has been carefully considered.

This is the image of two button on the upper part of the door panel.

Simplified Experience

Regardless of having innovative and intriguing features, any product is unlikely to stand the test of time when it seems too complex. The Samsung BESPOKE Cube leaves just two buttons to control temperature and lighting to consider both exterior aesthetics and intuitive usability. The two buttons on the upper part of the door panel are easily accessible when in use, but not blatantly noticeable in plain sight. This creates an uninterrupted silhouette that establishes the minimalistic nature of the cube design.

Meticulous Control

Although the physical buttons were minimized, the SmartThings app makes fine adjustments possible. The app supports appropriate modes based on the stored products, helping users intuitively manage the contents of their fridge. Wine can be stored differently depending on whether it is red, white, or sparkling, and cosmetics can be managed by different product types like facial masks, creams, or lotion. Users can simply use the app to choose and match the specific types of items stored. Additionally, the mood lighting feature subtly illuminates the contents of the refrigerator that creates an atmospheric tone within the space. Users can conveniently control the lighting to their preference.

These are motion of controlling the temperature and lighting of the BESPOKE cube refrigerator with SmartThings app.
This is outro image of BESPOKE cube refrigerator on the dedicated stand.

Peoples’ lifestyles are always changing. Home appliances, which make up a significant portion of an individual’s life, must also change in alignment with changing lifestyles. The Samsung BESPOKE Cube carefully meets the demands of transformed lifestyles and flexibly greets the new age. Samsung Electronics continues to be attentive to users’ lives and spaces to resonate with them. In tune with the constantly shifting landscape of our lives, Samsung’s innovation of home appliances will continue to create new experiences fit for the future.

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