for a
Better Tomorrow

Moving Forward Together Part 3
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Samsung Design aspires to build a healthier and happier future for us all. The vision is to inspire individuals to step up and fulfill their potential, ultimately overcoming obstacles and continuing the journey toward a sustainable and better future for all.

Samsung Design hopes for more people to participate in the movement dedicated to preserving our environment and developing sustainable habits. Samsung’s products and services will continue to evolve and provide sustainable experiences for users as they partake in eco-friendly activities by simply being a Samsung user.

* The contents below are a series of stories that narrate Samsung Design’s vision. These stories do not guarantee specifications or availability of specific products.

For a
Better Tomorrow

For a
Better Tomorrow

It is an intro video that symbolizes sustainable energy.

Sustainability is an important value that helps assure the present and future wellbeing of earth. Industries are beginning to take on new environmental and social responsibilities as more and more people prioritize on using fewer disposable products, creating less waste, and saving energy. These intentions help secure the future of humanity and keep the planet in its best condition for generations to come.

Samsung Design’s environment-friendly practices are not limited to its various efforts in production and disposal as a manufacturer. Samsung’s efforts branch out to the actual user experiences for Samsung’s products and services to inspire a larger movement towards sustainability. Samsung Electronics carefully examines every interaction point between users and Samsung Electronics’ products and services to design consistent and integrated experiences for the environment. These experiences help users easily approach environment-friendly functions and practice sustainability in their own personal lives.

for Tomorrow

The whole family had a wonderful dinner together for my wife’s birthday. Dishes were placed in the dishwasher after eating, and the smartphone app is turned on. All home appliances are interlinked on the screen. The app lets me use all my home appliances - TV, washing machine, air conditioner, and dishwasher - in environmentally conscious ways. Upon returning to the main screen of the app, my eco-conscious activities are analyzed and a reward is given. This may be a small contribution in light of the world’s focus on climate change, but I enjoy setting these simple sustainable goals in my daily life and achieving them in small steps.

This video shows home appliances such as TVs and dishwashers operating in eco-friendly mode.

Practice Sustainability Together

Electronics inevitably consume energy and data. Samsung Design strives to reduce unnecessary consumption of resources by helping users be more environmentally conscious and continues its existing efforts to discover eco-friendly materials and upcycling disposed materials. It also focuses on experiences that enable users to strive for environmental values while using the product.

Samsung Design actively shares the positive effects of environment-friendly activities that users unknowingly do in their day-to-day tasks. This information educates users of the positive contributions they have been making and motivates them to purposely participate in more environment-friendly actions. Samsung Design collects eco-related features of various Samsung products and services in one place for easy access and inspires users to set their own environmental goals. Samsung Design further expands the scope of this experience to the society at large by building sustainable experiences that can be shared with others toward a common goal. Efforts are constantly made to discover more experiences that can inspire small efforts to become big changes in our world.

4 Steps to Environmental

4 Steps to

Samsung Design aims to create an experience that allows users to continuously practice environment-friendly behaviors.

It is a video that symbolizes a system for identifying user behavior.

Spot Sustainable Actions

We help users better understand their sustainable behaviors through usage data of Samsung Electronics products and services, including device usage patterns, consumption of energy and water, eating habits, consumer patterns, and overall lifestyle. We reinterpret this data and highlight user behaviors in an eco-friendly perspective.

Make It Effortless

Eco-related features of Samsung Electronics products and services are gathered in one place for easy access and usage. Users can inspect the status of home appliances at a glance and immediately adjust settings.

It is a video that shows how to easily control various products.
It is a video that symbolizes information visualization.

Visualize Insights

Electricity usage, water usage, and carbon emissions are conveyed through simple visual elements instead of difficult units. Users can easily grasp the impact of their actions on the environment with universally intuitive visual representations.

Inspire Lasting Change

Samsung Design expands user experiences to make sustainability an everyday practice for all users, not just an individual. Users can learn the value of sustainability by connecting with other users by checking their eco-friendly activities, challenging missions together, and donating earned rewards.

It's a video that symbolizes sustainability.
It's an outro image of two people walking side by side.

The choices we make today define the world of tomorrow. The smallest steps we take in our everyday lives can become meaningful change that shapes our world for future generations. Samsung Design will continue to help users take part in creating a sustainable world and preserving our planet for a better future for everyone.

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