for a
Better Home

Moving Forward Together Part 1
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Samsung Design focuses on the ‘experience’ that flows through a user’s life more than the simple ‘usage’ of a product to add value and meaning to life.

Recently, our daily lives have changed anew. We now work, take classes, shop, and exercise online. In response to these changes, many devices and services allow easier ways to enjoy various conveniences in limited spaces, which result in greater efficiency in work and daily life. Samsung Design aspires to go beyond to elevate the values in these new experiences, notably in the values of people and togetherness.

Samsung Design seeks to connect people through intimate experiences. Even when we are physically separated in our individual homes, we can still enjoy moments together and pursue pleasant experiences in working and learning. Furthermore, Samsung Design envisions an experience that not only supports the health of their family and pets, but also allows easy participation in movements for a sustainable world.

* The contents below are a series of stories that narrate Samsung Design’s vision. These stories do not guarantee specifications or availability of specific products.

For a
Better Home

For a
Better Home

This is the image of a future home where you work, study, hobbies, and exercise at home.

The function and role of our homes are changing. A home is now a space shared with work, leisure, and life. Working from home, taking remote classes, and joining online meetings are becoming routine. The modern home is evolving based on a new lifestyle, and encompasses functions for personal work, education, socialization, and hobbies.

While the space remains unchanged, more work must be done. People require experiences that help them perform more flexibly and efficiently in their day-to-day activities. Newly emerged online-based services defy space limitations and allows us to be ‘together’ in our respective spaces. A new daily life of working, learning, and enjoying time with colleagues and friends at home is becoming a reality.

at Home

The final video conference has just ended. The TV screen automatically turns off and the robot vacuum cleaner resumes cleaning. The contents of the meeting, written on a tablet, are linked directly to the laptop and saved as a file. Just before turning off the tablet, a notification alerts me 10 minutes before the end my son’s class. A list of recommended programs to enjoy with children appears on the screen. I get up to gently open the door, and see a child immersed in his online class. After converting this shared space into an office, classroom, and playground, everyone seems to be adjusting well to working and taking classes from home.

This is an illustration video showing video conferencing, cooking, and playing with children while going to and from various spaces in the house.
It is an illustration of several people talking on online.

The Optimal Environment

We used to work at offices, study in classrooms, meet friends in cafes, and workout at the gym. The division of space according to its purpose is fading as houses begin to encompass the functions of work, education, hobbies, and socialization. Eliminating the need to move between spaces allows a more flexible use of time but remaining in one space for a long period can lead to a loss of concentration. Creating a suitable environment for the user by connecting every device within the house is becoming essential.

Home devices can provide a better at-home experience when a device recognizes the context behind users’ activities. A user can simply move to the living room to attend a meeting on the TV and family members are automatically notified to avoid distractions. Furthermore, the robot vacuum cleaner stops operating, and the TV automatically connects to the video conference when the meeting request is made. These experiences will soon become possible.


There is a LAN meeting with friends of the movie club today. We used to go to theaters, cafes, and restaurants, but now we do everything online safely at home. We greet each other and share updates through video chat. Each member prepares a meal, boasts it, and proceeds to eat. Afterwards, we decide to watch the latest blockbuster movie together. The movie is displayed on each screen, along with the faces of friends who all seem very immersed. Everyone is busy sharing their impressions throughout the movie.

It is an illustration video that expresses watching a movie with friends as if they were in one space through a smart device.
It is a picture that expresses several smart devices.

Always Logged In

The MZ Generation (Millennials and Generation Z) prefer video calls over voice since they are more accustomed to videos than texts or images. Unlike voice calls, video calls allow comfortably sharing everyday life without interruptions nor having to speak. Today’s generation seeks experiences of communicating with the world through smartphones without limitations of time and place.

Integrating various services like movies or games into video calls and chat platforms can open new possibilities for online social activities. Watch movies or a live performance with a group at your own home. Sing along to your favorite songs or host an online tea party with your own prepared meals. The entities connected in real-time within the metaverse are expanded to an unspecified number. More and more people are active in online classes and group study sessions. Even if we are apart, the experience of sharing our daily lives continues online.

It's an outro image of two people walking side by side.

An individual’s happiness and stability are best maintained in a seamlessly connected environment. These connections are a series of experiences in everyday life or relationships between family and society. Samsung Design conceptualizes a home that expands in various ways by going beyond spatial limitations to unify people separated by their individual physical spaces. These are the traits of Samsung Design’s home of the future.

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