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Better Care

Moving Forward Together Part 2
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The idea of a ‘user’ is a key concept in design, as a design gains genuine meaning when it is being ‘used’. Design is essentially the deep exploration of the interactions and relationships between users and products. A great design helps strengthen these relationships.

The advancement of technology expands the roles and functions of design. Design is no longer limited to improving the usability of products. It has evolved to become a pivotal element in elevating users’ comprehensive experiences in products and services. A profound understanding of users is a prerequisite to creating designs that provide these meaningful experiences to individuals. Samsung’s designs pay attention to every detail in a user’s lifestyle, and as a result offer experiences that add meaningful value to user lives.

* The contents below are a series of stories that narrate Samsung Design’s vision. These stories do not guarantee specifications or availability of specific products.

For a
Better Care

For a
Better Care

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To live long, happy lives with their loved ones, more and more people are focusing on health as the most significant value in their lives. People make great efforts to build up the immunity of their bodies and minds regular exercise and a balanced diet. They desire experiences that can keep themselves and their families in top physical and mental conditions.

Our everyday responsibilities often keep us too busy to devote time to healthcare. As a result, we’re seeing an emergence of technologies and industries that assist in monitoring health on our behalf. The health data collected by these services through smart devices are expected to be used in providing healthcare experiences for both mind and body to the entire family. On top of this, there are also specialized health-assistant services that suggest appropriate exercise routines and ideal diet plans to support users’ journey for a healthy future.

Always Caring

I habitually check my health data on the way to work. It’s convenient to easily check how active I am, how many calories I consume on average, and how well I’m sleeping. My sleep quality seems to have taken a dive lately due to stress. I am reminded of the health data my parents shared with me recently and bring it up on my smartphone. It’s assuring to know that they exercise regularly and eat well. I realize their regular check-up is on this weekend. I find some time in my schedule and plan for a visit to the hospital with them.

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Recording the Day-to-day

Devices must thoroughly understand the daily lives of users to gain deep insight into their life patterns. Smart devices collect comprehensive health data, such as reports on physical activity, exercise routines, diet, and sleep, to help users constantly and easily check on their health. When this data is organized and shared within a network of a user’s home devices, managing health can become much more optimized to a user’s day-to-day cycle. Devices with access to health data can recommend routines for users and guide them to developing healthy and efficient lifestyles. For instance, home devices can notice a user’s sleeping pattern and control the lighting or temperature accordingly. This creates a cozy sleeping environment in which users can naturally adapt to and develop healthy sleeping habits.

These services are readily available for both individuals and families. Although tight security for personal health data is essential, sharing health information selectively and safely with family members can inform them of each other’s conditions, and even enable them to quickly respond to emergencies. This can be especially helpful for services that indicate necessary healthcare provisions for children at each stage of their growth. Managing health and physical conditions of family members strengthens the familial bond and helps us nurture each other’s well-being.

It is an illustration of a woman standing and checking health-data. It is a device and screen illustration about health data. It is an illustration of a woman checking health data in bed.


I got to sleep in today thanks to the devices that extend Sleep Mode on the weekend. I feel refreshed and I’m stretching out my muscles to get ready for the day. As soon as I turn on the TV in the living room, I get a reminder to make up for the workout I didn’t finish during the week. A trainer guides me through the workout step by step on my device. After the workout ends, I get notified of today’s recommended diet. Today’s breakfast is gluten-free, mindful of my high consumption of sugar recently. The meal includes corn, avocado, and tomato salad. All the ingredients are in the fridge, so I can prepare them right away.

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My Personal Health Coach

It is easy to become lazy or give up halfway when exercising alone. People want to be motivated and assisted by experts who best understand their life patterns and physical conditions. They want to have dedicated trainers who would teach necessary exercises on schedule, recommend an appropriate diet, and give us step-by-step instructions for preparing meals. Services that systematically and professionally manage individual health are emerging as a result.

Health data recorded by smart devices in real-time serve as the basis for these recommendation services. Users can receive recommendations on exercises based on recently tracked health data such as weight, diet, and exercise amount, and get detailed instructions on how to perform the exercises. If users want to exercise with friends, they can find workout companions to compete with or learn to exercise with a professional trainer. Diet is another major area that can be managed. Users can get information on recipes and meal-kits that are tailored to their current conditions and can easily access information on meal preparations to help them systematically manage their health.

It's an outro image of two people walking side by side.
It's an outro image of two people walking side by side.
It's an outro image of two people walking side by side.

Samsung Design believes in the influential power of products and services bestowing new values for not only individuals but for our collective society. Close examination, analysis, and comprehension of diverse and meaningful data can help guide user lives to become more efficient and healthier. Imagine a healthy life rich with energy for all individuals. This is the kind of life Samsung Design aspires to achieve for users in the days to come.

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