Reaching for Completeness

Samsung W2018 Design Story
Defining the state of completeness in design is difficult.
You cannot simply define completion by measuring the fullness or emptiness of elements
in a certain design. However, anyone would come to a reasonable realization and agreement
on the notion of completion that is brought through ‘balance and harmony’. When design elements come
together to maintain a fine balance, completeness shines into existence. Samsung Electronics discovered
complete balance over the past ten years of advancement in China's premium folder phone models.
Now you can witness the story of the folder phone objet, W2018.

Excellence in Every Way

十全十美 A State of Perfection

‘A state of completion and beauty, without flaws.’
This Chinese proverb that derives its meaning from
the number ten (十), which is the symbolic expression
of reaching zenith, is the design concept of the W2018.
The concept expresses a state of balance that is formed
by boldly fusing contrasting elements into a single body
and a continuous pursuit of harmony that expels banality.
The W2018 exudes an aura of completeness born from
‘balance and harmony’ that has been in the works for
the past ten years since the first release of Samsung’s
premium folder phone in China.

The gold and silver version of W2018 meet one another at the middle of the screen.
The gold and silver version of W2018 meet one another at the middle of the screen.
A fountain pen is placed on paper.
A detail image of a watch bezel.

Premium Design with Youthful Sensibility

The W2018 has been designed for China’s upper-class users
who desire their own objet. However, we didn't want this to be
an ostentatious design, but rather, a portrayal of the lifestyle
of owning a unique and personal design item. With this motive
in mind, the premium design elements of the W2018 have been
fully materialized in its consistently classy theme, clear-cut icons,
and dials with the sensitivity of a high-end watch, and more.

Delicacy in Stillness

寂靜妙窮 A Silent Exploration
of Wondrous Value

‘An exploration of wondrous value in the midst of silence.’
This is the meaning of the Chinese proverb ‘寂靜妙窮’.
This saying, commonly used in Buddhist practices, describes
the product design characteristics of the W2018. The W2018’s
overall body is a product of the congenial mix between
the grand, magnanimous style of the northern region and
the mystical, elegant style of the southern region. The fine
details of the product's peaceful and composed body will
remind you of the meticulous form of a high-end luxurious
watch, and through its details, you can see the values of
a master craftsman hard at work. The W2018, from its body
to finish, is completely faithful to this concept of maintaining
‘delicacy in stillness.’

An open gold W2018 is placed behind a closed silver W2018.
An open gold W2018 is placed behind a closed silver W2018.
A detail shot shows the folding hinge of a silver W2018. A detail shot shows the folding hinge of a silver W2018.

Details Make Perfection

The sensitive details that go into grandeur form elevate a product
into perfection. The exquisite nature of the W2018’s high-end brand
has been designed with inspiration from the details of premium accessories
such as fountain pens and high-quality lighters. We switched the previous
circular hinge to a geared hinge to tone down its image as an electronic
device and strengthen its look as a crisp fashion accessory. This little detail
makes it possible to completely hide the hinges when you open the phone,
which creates a sense of oneness that sets the W2018 apart from other
folder phone products.

Complete Blend

精製, 調和, 美麗 Refinement, Harmony, Beauty

A product’s color and texture can become unique attributes
of a user, and are major elements that grant completeness
to a product. The W2018’s CMF has three central themes
that are aligned with the overall concept of ‘十全十美’
(A State of Perfection). With the blend of refinement, harmony,
and beauty, the W2018 emits a premium glow that matures
in radiance the more you carry it. Its refined metal and glass
material give the product a sturdy and dense look, and
the colorful mixture of black, gold, and silver establishes
a vibrant yet composed sensibility to the product.

Uniqueness of Colors

The color gold has been the representative color of premium
quality in China for a long time. The W2018’s gold has been
reborn in a stylish blend with black to naturally permeate
into the lifestyles of users with youthful taste.
The W2018 Special Version is in a platinum shade that embodies
the adamant stability of the platinum material. The elegance that
is created from the union of black and platinum reminds users
of a brilliant gem that never loses its shine, and appeals to both
younger users and female users. With these colors, we paved
the path for a wider audience for the premium folder phone.

A detail shot of the gold W2018 is seen.

A Piece of Art

The W2018’s hairline flows from the front of the device down to the sides and
posterior with smooth fluidity, and flawlessly meets with the indented groove of
the device to enhance the product’s overall premium quality. To make the W2018’s
high quality design characteristic a reality, we have applied a remarkable CMF
process that was previously unheard of in the industry. This cutting edge processing
requires precise machine work and is the most advanced technology among
the different types of processing that goes into a phone’s metal body. In each of
the complicated processes involved, from CNC processing*, buffing*, sanding*,
hairline work*, diamond cutting*, to anodizing*, the mind and spirit of a master
craftsman is at work to create a timeless piece of art.

  • CNC Processing : Computer numerical control processing
  • Buffing : A finishing process that polishes metallic surfaces using abrasives
  • Sanding : A process of removing chips and scratches on the surface to smooth it out
  • Hairline Work : The process of creating a hairline on metallic surfaces
  • Diamond Cutting : The process of chipping away the surface of metal using a diamond cut
    processing device to create shimmering facets
  • Anodizing : A process of purposely corroding metallic surfaces to create a color layer

The Glimmer of

The W2018 stays true to the concept of ‘十全十美’ (A State
of Perfection) even on-screen. The screen pursues modern
sentiments of luxury and refinement, at the same time
capturing China’s local values in the form of GUI design that
utilities symbols and patterns of China’s minority group,
the Miao people, and the Nine Tripod Cauldrons (九鼎)*.
These efforts imbue rich heritage and premium quality
to users’ lives as they interact with the GUI design.
* The Nine Tripod Cauldrons (九鼎) were ancient cauldrons made of gold that were commissioned by Yu the Great of the Xia Dynasty.

As a Luxury Watch

The W2018 is essentially a spectacular luxury watch.
We created an unprecedented GUI design that actualizes
the fine detail of a real watch on the cover LCD. The W2018’s
cover LCD comes in two types, digital and analog. The digital
type showcases an intuitive design that incorporates a smooth
and elegant interaction with the user, and the analog design
features an overlay of the moon on the dials of the watch,
known as the Moon phase, and the Tourbillon, which is
a device used to adjust the time normally seen on luxury
watches. These two cover LCDs present users with the visual
sensation of using a classic luxury watch.

A Single Experience that Stems from the Watch

We unified the entire experience of the phone in a single watch,
progressing from the cover LCD, then the Lock Screen, and finally
to the Home Screen. We enlarged the watch pattern shown from
the cover LCD’s analog type and applied it to the Lock Screen, and
also implemented the magnified watch hands to the Home Screen.
The W2018’s Wallpaper and Icon sustain a consistent look, feel,
and sensibility of a luxury brand to fully adhere to the overarching
concept of ‘十全十美’ (A State of Perfection).

A watch display is shown on the front screen of a gold W2018.
Analog Type
Simple Type

A Gift in Itself

The W2018 longs for perfection even in its package design. The platinum
color of the package goes hand in hand with a black leather pouch to further
elevate the luxurious quality of the product. In addition, to commemorate
the Ten Year Anniversary of the folder phone, we’ve included genuine brown
leather and a red-colored sleeve to cater to local tastes in China and
establish an ambience of prestige in the design.

The package has been designed with matte black paper and an acrylic shine
on the top portion of the inner box to show contrast with the product’s gold
color. This composition of colors expresses contrasting variation and a sense
of unity all at once, expressing a composed yet stylish sensibility.

The W2018’s design is the perfect manifestation of harmony and balance
discovered over the course of ten years’ worth of experience and hard work.
As ten (10) represents both fruition and initiation, the W2018 also seeks to
become a brilliant gift to users that brings both the satisfaction of completion
and the excitement of encountering new meanings in life.