We are consistently trying to acquire a variety of knowledge in order to apply state-of-the-art technology to products and services, leading to an era where technology has become a mainstay in our lives. Samsung Electronics believes that 'design' will bridge the gap between our lives and advanced technology. Designs that are exciting, convenient and considerate make life more meaningful and create a harmonious relationship between humans and technology. The theme of the 2015 Design.Samsung Idea Festival is ‘Designed for All’. Rather than striving to develop ‘Advanced Technology’, we seek to design utilizing ‘Accessible, Considerate Technology’ that satisfies the needs of all types of users. We invite you to share your meaningful ‘designs for all’.

Who can apply?

  • General Category: Anyone can participate either as an individual or group (up to 4 people).

  • Student Category: Students currently enrolled in a full-time Undergraduate program or Graduate program longer than 2 years, either domestically or abroad, may participate either as an individual or a group (up to 4 people).

※ Military personnel are eligible for participation.

What is the theme of the Festival?

  • Ideas for products, UI/UX, services and spatial designs that improve the accessibility of technology while creating a meaningful design experience.
  • Creative and aesthetically pleasing design ideas that provide benefits for everyone, including those with sensory, strength, communication, and movement disabilities.

When can I register?

  • Registration Period : August 17th, 2015 – August 31st, 2015 (17:00) Korea Standard Time

  • Finalist Announcement: September 7th, 2015 (Monday)

  • Final prize winners and exhibition will be announced during October

※ Date of the finalist announcement is subject to change

How can I apply?

  • Applications must be submitted via the ‘Registration’ section on the Design Samsung ( site.

  1. 1) Submission Form (Required)

    • Download and fill in the application form and submit as a PDF file
      (under 10MB)

      powerpoint word
  2. 2) Make a zip file containing the following items (under 50MB)

    1. Concept board (Required)

      • A3 size concept board that incorporates your ideas and how they can be applied

      • File Format : .ai

    2. Photos (Required)

      • An idea sketch of the product OR photos of the product from the front, back, side as well as product features (Up to 5 images)

      • Size : 1920 x 1080 .jpg, or .png (.psd and .ai files will not be accepted)

    3. Making-of Video (Optional)

      • Videos must be in .mov, .avi or .mp4 format

What do judges expect?

  • Is the design a creative interpretation of Samsung’s ‘Meaningful Design’?

  • Does the design provide an innovative solution and perspective by creating a new design experience while incorporating the design theme?

  • Is the design aesthetically pleasing as well as an appropriate solution for our society?

What is the judging process?

  • 1st Round : Finalists will be reviewed and selected by design experts Expert Mentoring Process: Finalists will be given three weeks guidance by a professional expert

  • 2nd Round - Final Winner Selection: After completing their three weeks of mentoring, the final winners will be selected by combining the scores from Samsung designers and internet vote

Internet Voting Period : TBD, October

  • Final winners will be calculated by combining scores from Samsung designers and internet voters. Winners will be notified individually.

  • Judges and Mentors TBA

What are the benefits and prizes?

  • 8 Finalists (4 from the General Category, 4 from the Student Category) will be receiving mentoring from a professional designer

  • The 8 finalists will participate in the Design.Samsung Idea Festival exhibition (Venue and schedule TBA)

  • Award Title Number of
    1st place 1 DESIGN 10,000,000 (KRW) Cash Prize
    2nd place 1 DESIGN 5,000,000 (KRW) Cash Prize
    3rd place 6 DESIGN 1,000,000 (KRW) Cash Prize
    Internet Voting
    1 DESIGN 2,000,000 (KRW) Cash Prize


  • You can apply as an individual or as a team (Up to 4 members). Entries are limited to 1 per team.

  • Upon receiving the submission, applicants must complete 'information' and 'work overview' form.

  • 'Work Overview' will consist of a “Statement of Purpose” (400 characters) and “Solution” (800 characters).

  • For convenience, one team member shall be designated as captain for completing the application and submitting materials.

  • The 'Applicant Information Section' must include every team members' (including the captain's) e-mail address, phone number. For team applications, the captain must submit an agreement from team members to assume responsibility in representing and submitting their personal information. Information may not be altered once submitted. A confirmation email will be sent after the application form has been received.

  • Submitted materials will not be returned to applicants. Products that did not receive awards will be disposed of after 6 months.

  • Award winning designs will be used as part of an exhibition after the final vote. Once the exhibition has finished, it is not possible for finalists to have their work returned.

  • For the offline exhibition, there is a possibility that the product will have to be re-made (Designers will be contacted individually to assist with reconstruction).

  • If none of the products meet the application criteria, a winner will not be selected.

  • All award winners entered under the Student Category (including all members of a team) need to submit a proof of school enrollment.

  • Tax and the exchange rate fees are the responsibility of the winners and will be deducted from the total prize amount.

  • If a team product is chosen as the winner, the prize money will be received by the captain and bears responsibility of dividing all prize money to their team members. Samsung is not liable and has no legal responsibility for any disputes or issues that may arise.

  • All legal responsibility falls on the applicant in cases where the product is found to be plagiarized, violate copyright infringement, or violate recognized intellectual property rights. If these violations occur during the judging process, the product will be excluded and the application voided. All award and prizes shall be revoked, voided, and taken back.

  • The product's intellectual rights belong to the applicants, but Samsung Electronics shall be granted the use of the product for an offline exhibition related to the festival, advertisements, and use on the Design Samsung Site for future contests. Samsung Electronics has all primary negotiating rights for buying or receiving any intellectual rights of the product or any and all usage rights, in this case the conditions of the contract shall be negotiated separately.